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E-Dubble - Two Steps From Disaster
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they see me, they see you
we stay 2 steps from disaster my words
stay free, stay true and we don't look back we packed enough rations
for me, and you... if they need our help then they can come get it
but we, are cool - and we never get bored surviving this story like

verse 1:
2 tone rebel - peddle through til' armageddon
arm n' hammer habits cuz' they'll beat you if you let em'
2nd gets the minutes but the 1st amendment's better
yeah that gun can really talk but he sucks at writing letters
incommunicado - heart colder than old gazpacho
i'm sippin' on that hard and I'm living for a motto
--looking for a reason to appreciate the breathing
but I'm only coming up with all the women in Ibiza
not a bad one-
goddamnit I need a BAD one,
one that hits me twice a day then hits me with an and one
-- futuristic in fluorescent vicky secrets
with a penchant for the purple looking good with that cohiba
yeah--- we blowing pine trees thinking bout' the landscape
while the world is burning cuz' they turning from the handshakes
diplomatic deflation--- no more pageants or facelifts
we be losing our minds-- no more homeostasis
no more cities that work - work
no more leaders to lead - lead
no more coagulation
they just leave us to bleed
they just leave us to wonder what the fuck we're doing wrong
they just needed to keep us underneath their fucking thumb
-so no more thumbelina
-and no more stumbling either
-handle emergencies-- with or without the FEMA
so adios - syncratic
idiosyncrasies -
they want us all the same, but we think differently

verse 2:
so cut a tree down, and make a life boat
you're gonna need it when they cut the fucking tight rope
they look anemic when they fiendin' for the white vote
fuck a voter card I burn it up inside my pipe bro
I let the smoke clear, then watch the sunrise
they vacay hallucinatin' with them fungi's
but fuck that we work
2 tones is first
I'm Black Pais til' my ass gets murked
we keep it moving til' the death
reach another depth
they take away our rights
then we hit em' with the left
i ain't speaking on the parties
i ain't really got authority
independent's how I'm leaning
cuz' they scheme with their reporting
politickin' for pennies'
congress be trippin' plenty
smokin' that campaign
legalize it already
fuck reppin' that Akin, i seperate him like bacon
got 6 degrees in my corner that turkey's ready for basting
i meet him I grab a broomstick cuz' told Biggie told me to do it
legitimizin' with justice that puppet's lucky I'm foolish, huh
----- that two tone's got a ring to it
grayscales they bail cuz' of the chin music
----- I ain't playing around I've fuckin' been truant
they no shows, no class, they fuckin' live stupid
i broadcast like that little Ted Koppel guy
fillet chicks but dammit I'm done with waffle fries


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