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E-Dubble - Hampden Parks
Odsłon: 1406
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1]
Yeah some days, i feel unphased
Like when I'm with my friends with a cup raised
But come monday, i got a gun raised
Suicidal do or die until hump day
Then i go right back at it like an automatic
More drinks, more songs, more beats to rap to
Need a shrink, I'm gone more time keeps passing
No watch no thoughts at all just a hat
New era, rep my P's and those O's
Need a phillies with the orange and black to feel home
From citizens bank back to camden yards
Its the tale of two cities and TRUST we go HARD
Trust we go HARD
Yes we go HARD
You said we go HARD?
I said we go HARD
Rockin' my bob cousey's
Stockin' UP on the looseleaf
The lyrics come easy but the life is a dousy
And yes I'm choosy and no I don't settle
But i still take pop-off over that kettle
Cuz' im talkin bigger picture
And yes I'm gonna hitcha
With that---
No shittin'
Speak- When necessary no I never been a loud mouth
Introvert but I insert a few wow- outs
No nick cannon- david banner when I pow-wow
Hennessy but hold the hip I'm bout to have a brown out
Clowns runnin' round with the make up on they face
To that I'm astringent - i been this way
New bars, new beats, yeah that's me all day
New cars, new freaks, no you keep that mayne
I'm a business man, and a business- MAN
Obstacles made me who I am
Let loose, no truce, my boots come off
Once black paisley has made my-- families fortune
With a corner office and the greener pastures
Sip cheap liquor till' I'm leaning backwards
Grip this dream you can see my passion
Rep my city no beef with asher
Blue bell, ambler help me write the chapters
I'll be home soon and we'll toast the asti
Sip ME-Mosas till me no, no my name
E-V-A oh shit I'm gone ag-AIN
Back to the mansion and yes I'm home ag-ain
Rockin' in hampden and yes you know the name
Young english, black paisley, irishtoothache
Who they be, who they be, who they be, who they be
They be US
Poor english, screwed up semantics
I am talking real shit speak my language
Celebrate the blemishes
Throw away the tenative
I be on some other shit so go and tell the other kids


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