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E-Dubble - Code Word feat. Jhameel

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I saw my Work- I saw my shame--
I saw what worked- I saw what paid-
I took my L's- they took my name
I did my best to relieve my pain
So I woke the fuck up, shut the stupid shit out
And starting talking in some code words
And I been on it for a minute, but I'm feeling like I'm living
And this time it's on my own terms

[Verse 1]
The city streets, you know them well
You've falling down, you've taken spills
You've gotten up, you've taken back
Done pretty well and you ain't need no makeup bag
- so what's the deal, with all the noise
Who's really getting money who's the real Lesean McCoy
So run it back, you got some blockers and some options
If you see a different read than by all means don't let me stop you
So that 808 pumpin', that 808 bumpin'
I'm sippin' something hard and it burns just like I wanted
- good crowd and the boppers keep stuntin'
And even though I'm broke I still keep it one hundred

[Hook] (Jhameel)
I took my own words and made it into something
Some of them ain’t right so the words start running
And I, I made mistakes, but the pain it causes nothing
Pain is just the fire for ambition
So all that’s stopping me is (sigh) Shut the stupid shit
I don’t really need to hear mouths running spit
Code words set me free
I just need to roar like a motherfucking beast

[Verse 2]
We put the work in, just to get the work out
And boppers work out if they tryna drop trough
No joking serious talk, sorry for confessions -
But them seven dollar beers were merely not enough concessions
I am mister, mister brightside, keep the hope alive
We can do whatever we want that's do or die
Our time, our story, fixate on whatever we can do to stop the motherfuckin' hate


[Verse 3]
We trying to right the ship, I'mma write the soundtrack
Fixin' broken bobbleheads till they get the bounce back
No question, how we gonna get it
Cuz' the labor is intensive and baby we 'bout delivered
And the building's in the building
We tryna make a billion
Hug the world, fix the planet, learn a language, make some children
Make 'em smart, make 'em loving, and resilient
And if they got my genes then they prolly, prolly brilliant
So we keep the wagons circled, the children on a curfew
I don't think so, let 'em breath
After nature we can nuture
My cup's tipped 'cuz the pain is universal
Waitin' on the doctor 'cuz the patience is a virtue



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