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E-40 - Red Cup (feat. T-Pain, Kid Ink & B.o.B)
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[Hook: T-Pain]
Your boyfriend don't like me
I can't blame him
But, why he tryin' be just like me
It's kinda lame huh?
I don't wanna be your man
Girl I'm just bein' honest
But what you got in your pants
Got the whole club like damn

[Refrain: T-Pain]
Booty big enough, booty big enough
Your booty, your booty
Your booty big enough to put a red cup on it
Booty big enough, booty big enough
Your booty, your booty
Your booty big enough to put a red cup, cup, cup

[Verse 1: E-40]
Whole seat-ers
Her booty bigger than a Prius
Hella thick, she get it from her mother
Yellow bones and complexion is butter
Dime piece, two nickels
Nipples pokin' out like missiles
He don't make it rain he make it trickle
Me I'm a hustler I make it triple
She a bad one, look at the way she switchin', the way she walk
I don't care if it's real, I don't care if it's bought
I don't discriminate darling you see I'm far from a racist I like 'em Latin, Caucasian, and Black, Arab, and Asian
How you get rid of the baby weight pretty girl your booty bodacious you've been doing your lunges, and crunches, and planks, all of the basics
Tight jeans you can see her camel toe
Slap that ass like I'm fittin' to domino

[Hook + Refrain]

[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
It's Kid Ink
Is, every bottle in my section?
But your ass the table top
Swing that my direction, put a red cup shot glass on your butt (Shots!)
Order 'nother round throw it round don't stop
Been off work she ain't even on clock
Still doing anything for me
Anybody asks tell 'em that's my shorty
Yeah that's my shorty
I done fell in love with a stripper
Pain you already know what it is bro
Game is all that I know how to give her
Yeah, so your man keep callin'
Girl keep it real he don't want no problems
It's me and the O.G. 40 Water
Here for the night you goin' miss me tomorrow

[Hook + Refrain]

[Bridge: T-Pain & E-40]
[E-40] Big enough to set a cup on her booty
[T Pain] Cup on it, cup on it (x3)
[E-40] Big enough to set a cup on her booty
[T Pain] Big enough to set a red cup, cup, cup

[Verse 3: B.o.B.]
Big booty, small booty, long booty, tall booty
That's a make the front page on a blog booty
She wanna see a doc, you better do some squats
I'd rather touch a soft ass than a hard booty
Throw that back, throw that back
She could be a chiropractor working all that back
She could start a clothing line showing all that GAP
That's a standing ovation making all that clap
A big gesture, got a good texture
She can make some Guess jeans stretch like polyester
Call me lord Bobby I'mma bless her with the scepter
Breaking head boards fucking up the architecture
She got a big butt, she got a big butt
When she walk through hoes like 'what the fuck?'
Booty got it's own mind that's a head butt
Now turn that ass around hold this fucking red cup
I'm just sayin'

[Refrain + Bridge]


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