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E-40 - Home Again (feat. Mike Marshall)
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I’ve been waiting for the day (waiting for the day)
That i’d be going home again (going home)
I’ve been away from family way too long
But I know I’ll soon be home again

[Verse 1:]
Ugh, life ain't promised tomorrow that’s what they say
Look what i say life ain't promised today
A lot of folks outta work right now, latin, white and black
So we count on obama care and america’s job welfare
Where i’m from is ugly not pretty it’s all bad it ain't good
The pizza man don’t even wanna come to my hood
Robberies crime scenes being seeing it often
And the most lucrative business is selling coffins
Society is two faced to a lot of folks that was well off then fell on hard times
The sign of the times family fallin out with family a whole lot of mess
I wish we had more positive speakers like dr. Cornell west
My niece wanna be a cosmetologist, my nephew a chef
But without a scholarship, a student loan will put them both in debt
Now that’s a catch 23 man that’s not a catch 22 caz I’d be damned if I don’t and damn if I do
My relative just got out the state but now he headed to the feds
On some trumped up charges that he didn’t did
But as soon as he come home we goin make a prison spread
Got some ramen noodles, some mayonnaise and tuna, some cheese and potato chips

[Chorus ]

[Verse 2:]
Everytime I leave the house i pray that i make it back
It’s easier to kill a man but it’s harder to live with that
It’s bad outta here in this trap try’na make it in rap
Swimming in this concrete lake where the 2 legged snakes is at
We quick to kill our own killin, all wanna scrap and fight
The slave masters did want us to learn how to read and write
My minority is not the authority, priority
In the correctional institutions we make up the majority
Hot ones echo through the ghetto bullets ricocheted
The batteram and the canines and the task raids
It’s been 3 weeks and a half and she still ain't bathed
Turning tricks for rocks dippin top in alleyways
Used to be finer than wood face, body and butt
The baddest broad at the school now she sucked out
A good girl gone bad used to be squared as a town
Y’all had everything spoiled rotten we nothin in our christmas stockings
I keep my enemies close so i can see what they plotting
Some of my family gone but they not forgotten


[Verse 3:]
The devil working over time but he can’t defeat me
Every night i say my prayer for some reason i get sleepy
Is there a heaven for a hussler, a d boy, a pusher
Try’na provide for his family, brothers and sistas
All i got is my word and my name
A good reputation is better than fame
What if things don’t shape up that what i say to the preacher
He said you gotta have faith you gotta be a believer
Don’t wanna be a employee i wanna be a employer
Everytime i get some money it go to my lawyer
I’m on the phone with my aunty she my prayer waiver
Giving me scriptures to read to protect me from the destroyer
This is my letter to god i hope that he reads this
Please cover me with the blood of your son jesus
The clouds is dark, rain, lightening and thunder
When the saints come marching in i wanna be in that number


Oooh it’s been so long
Been so long
And i’m on my way home
On my way home
Back to my family
To my family
It’s been too long
It’s been a long time
It’s been so long
So much pain
But i’m on my way home
Hardship, struggle, the struggle man growing up in the inner city
It’s been so long
Life is heavy, life is heavy y’all
But i’m on my way home
Gotta stay prayed up
Back to my family
Keepin praying man
It’s been so long
God is good
Been so long
Keep the faith man
But I’m on my way home
The ups and downs man
The torment and turmoil my nigga
The torment stay strong my nigga stay strong
Stay strong my brothas, stay strong


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