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E-40 - Click About It (feat. The Click, Harm & Bosko)
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Tekst piosenki:

Click about it mayne, everything we do is click about it
We started this shit, and we still in this shit
And we prob’ly gon’ end up endin this shit

[Verse 1]
Y’all must a forgot!
The first rappers to talk about triple beans and gumbo pots
Movin the block like Pedro, ridin around in a lexus
Really from the shit (shit), Still wit d shit (shit)
Good wit d fist (fist), and wit d wrist
Game sick(sick),cold (cold), first rap album to go gold
Damn it mayne, we made it 700,000 sold (sold)
Independently, without the major vendors (major vendors)
Grass root from the soil, underground like prince
It’s a brand new day, same old diva
Easy to spot ,like the spots on a cheetah
Everything I touch, I’m a win, know it
Suga T, dahida, bahida, blow it
Hey (hey), don’t I look pretty
Street smart, straight from the turf, still griddy
Range Rover (uh), sittin on the brawn
If you got enough gouda I can be yo baby ma

Everything is just click about it,click about it,click about it (x4)

[Verse 2]
I step to it, with the 4 sever rich nigga
Ya’ll mirror me shot call a big hitta
I’m jus like the gas that fuse the pump
To all my bitches I bash d cunt
Ain’t nuttin change from the boss you knew
Anything you heard is prob’ly true
I’m offline, online, still on d grind
Playa I ain’t neva scared to speak to ma mind
I’m on d same old gang, game of saffs
Flow from death row, same old gas
You ain’t gotta ask what d boys have
8’s on d Chevy but it’s filled wit rims
I eat my veggies, greens and corn
Knock prostitutes, fuck bitches and porn
To do some sworn in, if you wid it I’m back
Everything I do, I’m sick wid and about it


[Verse 3]
Money invested, money investing
The beat is sick, so the click had to inject it
We in the venue, we on a case
Any problems boy, they can get erased
My pain is new, the cut is classic
Tami nice but we still go extra mannish
My fist is sharp, my spit is gassy
Feel d base, cause my click is everlastin



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1 720 055 tekstów, 18 092 poszukiwanych i 657 oczekujących

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