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E-40 - All Y'all (feat. Iamsu! & Kool John)
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Same shit everyday (everyday)
Come to the club
Stand on the couch, act a fool like fuck it (fuck it) (ugh)
Tell the waitress hurry up though (hurry up though)
Cause I'm trynna get drunk right now in this bitch like fuck it (fuck it) (ugh)
Yeah we came to take all y'all bitches, all y'all bitches, all y'all bitches (x4)

[Verse 1: E-40]
It's a party over here, fuck you over there
I got some perignon (?) and a bottle of bel-air
I went from a thousandaire to a millionaire (millionaire)
I might fly Southwest or fly millionaire (millionaire)
West coast finest, plus not a minus (minus)
You suckers be brown-nosing, sinus (sinus)
They call me Trump change (change), not chump change
I'm accurate with my aim when I shoot it at a dame (dame)
Boom shakalaka (laka)
I'm a slick talka' (talka')
Me and my crew, Sick Wid It records hella deep like the womb (womb)
This beat go nutty it's cashew (cashew)
I feel like God dem blessed me, achoo (achoo)
I'm on the case like (?) or should I say Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew)
I drive a stunter van, like Scooby-Doo (like Scooby-Doo)
We be (?) cause they ain't got a clue (got a clue)
Scratchin' they head and rubbin' they temple wondering what I do (what I do)


[Verse 2: IamSu]
I'm in the building like the floor and the wall
Got a whole bunch of haters I'm ignoring 'em all
It's like the, more I ignore 'em the more that they call
They say the, bigger you are the harder you fall
So please build me a statue like Michael Jackson's
Bout action, stackin', I'm bringin' them racks in
Save a little for taxes and some in the mattress
Makin' money from rappin' I clean up like napkins, ugh
Mama mia flow sicker than gonorrhea
We are focused on the money if it ain't that then it's see yah later
Swagger originator, active participator, of stackin' that M-O-N-E-Y
I, counted two thousand up many times (grind)
My homies stay mounted up down to ride, right?
So please don't get it confused
Cause I stay wit' a check like one two


[Verse 3: Kool John]
I'm the panty dropper, non-stopper, young shmopper
Mr. Flip A Dollar, shmop life up on my collar
I'm a future baller, shock collar, booty caller
I'ma have to holler, cause I heard she got that water
Like the fucking (?), like dinner rolls
Got a small circle, like cheerios
Pray to God and he came with a miracle
Get a hundred grand with Suzy at the Oracle
I let them hoes know, I let them niggas know
Shmop Life, HBK, get it get the dough
And all I really do is shmop, shmop, shmop, shmop
Man she turn around and hit you wit that wop, wop, wop
Taking niggas bitches, like advice
Like your favorite teacher, I'm too nice
It's Shmop Life, her life, get it right
Headed to your city on a first class flight



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