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E-40 - Ahhhh Shit!
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Tekst piosenki:

He talking shit shit shit, shit shit shit
He be say some shit shit shit, shit shit shit
Ahhhh Shit!
He talking shit shit shit, shit shit shit
He be say some shit shit shit, shit shit shit
Ahhhh Shit!

[Verse 1: E-40]
Zany bizarre ballistic
Coming off of some of that ignorant shit resickalish verbish gases flows
BMZ glasses on my nose
Undeniable throbbish molish flight music not that garbage
Bumpin' the pistol out, do a X street nigga before I hollish
Got a whole lotta spit to talk about and a whole lotta speech to speak
The neighborhood fuck with 40 he be preaching mane he teeth
Some of these fools be boosie (boosie) rap about what they make
But at the end of the day, between me and you, they ain't got nothin to say (that's right)
Money don't make me I make money go hard for mine I'm smashed (smashed)
Instead of recall on my product customer satisfaction
Am I too early or are they too late?
Am I too blob or are they to slay?
Why do we go, when he goin slow?
How come we can, why can I know?
Can't be slippin like a transmission (mission) when ya counter-clockwise twisted (twisted)
Mixing and whippin' goop (goop) be prepared to shoot (shoot)
STEP IT UP! Don't get left behind (left behind)
Do some CATCHING UP! Put some ketchup on your fries (on your fries)


[Verse 2: E-40]
Not all of the rappers but most of them sound alike (alike?)
I been rappin since most of em knew how to ride a bike (a bike)
On the dope track copping and flippin, pushing white (that yola)
Triple beam scales, scanners on that height (and that roper)
Droomers, walking 'round with they spook on (spook on?)
Grimming, standing in front of my momma's home (magazine street)
Hubba rocks dowsers' cotton candy zones (ice cream)
Zippers quarters half pound hole works (for the dope fiends)
Verify fixture gritter weight mover (weight moo-ba?)
Burgundy mercury sixty-seven a cougar (a cougar)
With the liquor dragging and gold tips, gold grill, gold weed
Gold rings, gold chain, gold every fuckin thang
Better learn how to swim or you gon fuckin sink (you goin sank)
If you don't work then you don't fuckin ate (you don't ate)
Crying complaining and whining ain't you (crying complaining and whining ain't you)
How the fuck I'm a help you if you can't help you?



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