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E-40 - A Breath of Fresh Air (feat. B-Legit & Mike Marshall)
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Tekst piosenki:

You know sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air mayne you understand
You know most folks understand how I feel and all that shit man
You know we get ratchet, turn up and all that shit you understand me
But sometimes you need a breath of fresh air away from all a that shit man you feel me
Listen up

A breath of fresh air
That’s right man a breath of fresh air man just to break the monotony
A breath of fresh air
Kick on back play some dominoes, some cards or somethin man you feel me
A breath of fresh air
Slide out with ya family in the traffic man on one of them long ass trips man
A breath of fresh air
Yea live life to the fullest my dude (live life)

[Verse 1:]
Living life to the fullest enjoying every moment
Every second every breath till my death
Wondering if i’ll get anytime to repent before he lay me to rest
It’s that hard i’m slippin to put some hair on ya chest
Sippin it with my family as we laugh and reminisce
I ain't above you i anit below you i’m right beside you
I love you that’s on the bible
Slapping bones and plan fo push up on some chedda
Yelling out 3’s switching bitches still ella and della
The umbrella sick with it baby one of a kind
Ain't no nigga on the block selling rock like mine
Every rhyme on time i bring the real ones out
45s fo the ones that poke em dead in the mouth
I done been down south hold up with scrooge
Pushin house with the pinky nigga what we going do
I’m everywhere baby i be full of me
Feels good, when it’s good around the family tree

A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air everybody else sounds like everybody else
A breath of fresh air
I mean if you just kick back and just really relax you’ll see that this is easy on the ears
A breath of fresh air
You feel me this is real good listening right here my nigga you feel me
A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air I got fans that love this shit

[Verse 2:]
I don’t just listen to rap I’m a music lover
I bump earth wind and fire and the Isley brothers
Convulsion to slide in the family stone
From valen california that’s my home
I’m from a underserved community where you can’t be no chump
History repeats itself but opportunities don’t
Hotta stick to script and play by the book
Ghen the mouth stumble it’s worst than the foot
My aunty from the country she be fryin rappers
I’ll tell her bout them courts and my bad habits
She be gettin to the money straight try’na grab it
I tell her give it to the lord we goin all have it
At church on wednesday, choir practice Grandmama, granddaddy yea they been that
Lead by example sword tracked, your baseline got me doing back flips

A breath of fresh air
You know heavy bass line and good funk man you know
A breath of fresh air
Yakin it way back man you know we goin
Bring this all way back to some throw back song
A breath of fresh air
Bringin it to the fore front of the new school
Ya feel me they need to hear this man
A breath of fresh air
You know 40 goin feed y’all man amma come with all that shit man I’m the best

Look here
Breathe on me I need something new for real (fo real)
Breathe on me it’s time to come a new, back to the old school
To the old school
Breathe on me

A breath of fresh air
That’s right my nigga a breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air
I hope y’all feelin alright right now man you know caz I damn sho is
A breath of fresh air
I’m on this good alcohol you understand me man that oil man you feel
A breath of fresh air
And it’s fresh air even though we have rocky in the air man we put it in the air where it’s fair


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