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E-40 - 707 ft. Willie Joe, Nef The Pharaoh
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Tekst piosenki:

707 breh
I'm throwing up the V
The 707
She rolling up the tree
Got a .223 (where you from breh?)
From the 707
I’m throwing up the V, bitch
From the 707

I’m a Hillside Kitty Walk nigga of course
You bound to see a nigga do a drive by on a horse
Country-city boy, big corn-fed nigga
40 ounce sipper, discount liquor
On the corner of Magazine and Sonoma boulevard
Across the street from Grant street, suicide back yard
Play them boys for false, fuck around and get stolen
They rep that shit hard, shout out to Soulin
I got the munchies cause I'm smoking on a log
Went to Bridgeside for some Sac's hot dogs
I'm slapping "Hubba Head" the Luvva Twins - Albino Rod
The first record Vallejo record ever pressed up as far as hip hop
Then came M.V.P.: 40, D-Shot, Suga, and B
Then came The Mac, then came Mac D-R-E
They doing the Thizz Dance in front of SolTrans
Everybody activated with a pistol in their pants


[Nef The Pharaoh]
I was taking a shit
Heard Cousin Fik hit me up
He said 40 on the other line
I told that nigga "what?"
Press mute, wipe my ass, bounce the fuck up
And started talking business with the boss of where I'm from
The seven hundred and six plus one
I be in the ?????? in the flats
Was born in 95 and after that it’s been a wrap
I'm a hustla not no rat I'm about my Gouda I'm about my scratch
I'm heading to the tippy so I’m always on my toes
Times girl taking pictures for so I'm striking for the pose
My niggas ??? still be playing with their nose
Even if this rap don’t blow
I’m still getting money outta ho
I was raised by Old-Ds so it's classing me
I'm allergic to broke bitches so they bad for me
You wanna ?????? and start cashing me
Bitch I'm from Vallejo motha fucka stop asking me


[Willie Joe]
Hop in this form, bitch and ride with the roller
What's your motive? Them ain't the cops them the rollers
Flow straight colder talking sicker than Ebola
Had a tramp out in Rosa and I fucked her good
I found out she was a ho so I kept her hood
Yo we counting C-notes like a musical
I'm slapping young d-boys selling cocaine as usual
I went to House of Soul, I need the usual
Never wore a suit but I’m suitable
Water boys down to the ???
Moved to the A the shit was beautiful
I move back start killing niggas, your funeral
I'm sideways nigga that-a-way
Shout out to Legit, my nigga 40 cause they paved the way
Hell yeah I'mma rep, they gonna hate me anyway (BEEZY!)
So anyway (Feel me!)


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