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Dr. Dre - After u die
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Tekst piosenki:

Chorus 2x:

Do You Ever Think

What Life Would Be

Where You Will Go

After you Die?

Verse 1:

Do you ever sit back and get a little too high,

start thinking what happens to you when you die?

Does your soul rest where your coffin is,

or is death just a metamorphosis?

Does life go on in the mental form,

If we live a good life will we get reborn?

Is it a heaven or we trapped in hell?

Where do we go from here, nobody came back to tell.

If we reincarnated or perish in time,

could you shine when darkness inherits your mind?

And your eyes closed for good, you out the galaxy now,

Is this subconscious dream my reality now?

Listen to brain, with no physical frame,

Could we return to the hood on a spiritual plane?

Ask yourself, "If I pass tonight,

Am I prepared for what's after life?" (After you die)

Chorus 2x:

Do You Ever Think

What Life Would Be

Where You Will Go

After you Die?

Verse 2:

Could we come back, do we get left in the past?

Fuck that, i'ma kick death in the ass,

To come walk with the creator, 'til my mind is greater,

Get insight so I could design and find data.

'Til my third eye gives me a bird's eye view,

Focus 'til my ghost is on a curb by you,

Watchin you mourn my death, like im lost in time,

But im with you even if I don't cross your mind.

When you pour out liquor, im catchin the Cognac,

When you pull out a spliff im catchin the contact.

Try to look after my people, that's trapped in evil,

playin craps and c-low, to get gats and kilos,

and still do some of the things that I love to do,

Hang on the streets, throw it up in a club or two.

See women and catch'em in their wildest dreams,

possess 'em, make'em do the wildest things.

And my peeps, what i'ma do, is pray that you blest,

And my kids, keep'em away from the angel of death,

So just in case if I pass tonight,

Yo, im prepared for what's after life. (After you die)

Chorus 3x:

Do You Ever Think

What Life Would Be

Where You Will Go

After you Die?


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