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Dope D.O.D - Slow Motion
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We float in slow motion
Just smoking, flowing
No joking
We float in slow motion
Just zoning, floating
No joking

[Verse 1: Dopey Rotten]

The constant rotation
I always stay patient
As the world turns, MC's take turns
You had your time
Ended up in the earn
Foundations stand firm
As we electrify the burn
We branded our name on the planet
That's how we planned it
We steady say "limb, you're stranded"
Now come and feast on this banquet
The total package, yeah we got it all mastered
If you're cunning edge than you don't appeal to everyone
People wake up when the damage is done
If you just don't stop then you don't have to run
If you just keep going then success will come
I take it slow and watch masses in motion
Watch time pass and keep my mind open
Dopey Rotten--the word is being spoken
I watch the world pass by in slow motion

[Verse 2: Skitz Vicious]

This is not a drill
I kill with the skill
Wild with the wicked plus I chill with the real
I can kick the habit, now you won't hear the ill
My clan spits the graphic in control of the wheel
My show is a thrill to behold if you will
MC's know the deal--they get thrown on the grill
In the streets they act cheap like their soul is to steal
I see their every motion move slow like a snail
I capture moments worth memorizing
Every step I stay focused on enterprising
Skitz is never hiding
And I don't take shit
Stay creative, they say the my vibe's contagious
Laugh now cry later alligator
Cuz' in a while you and the crocodile will see times greater
Nice flavor, strikes sages
Wild when we rock a crowd
Can't wait what's ahead of me, for now

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Jay Reaper]

Take a hit of the hydro
Asked to calm down of the micro-psycho
I'm stuck, with my life though
The same fucking cycle
We all want to live and die like Michael
Cock-blocks and moon walks
A sea in slow motion
A life of the Boondocks, next to the ocean
Smoking and hoping, an empire growing
For the last time
Take a look at the broken
...I lay my cards on table
Trust my brothers--no Cain & Abel
Your mind's smashed like potato
I'm living in the light, I'm an angel savior
So follow me into the plains of the asteroids
Open up your minds, let it free, let it pass ya
And inhale my symphony
Forever to dwell in the infinite galaxy...

[Hook 3x]

We float in...slow motion...


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1 712 872 tekstów, 18 061 poszukiwanych i 676 oczekujących

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