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Dope D.O.D - Cosmosis Jones
Odsłon: 973
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I’m an extraterrestrial / I was born on a planet of infested pools / and we infected
fools / with galactic tools / and anyone who wanna clash / get slashed in two / I’m a /
starking I surpass you / see the devil in my eyes / when I burn whack crews / I’m a rebel
in disguise / I’m the life and death gatekeeper / died in the future / but now they call me
Jayreaper / a quantum leaper / I switch threw dimensions / and I’m invincible unless you
use the right sentence / I might mention / that I’m a humenoid insectoid / you’ll see my
true face if you trippin’ on some X boy / so get sharp get ready / its about to get heavy
when I kick niggaz harder than Jet Li / you hartless and empty / I’m bursting with lust /
combust and turn the whole universe to dust

In this day and age, mindless get a taste / why it is they are placed in a thick
layered cake / live in a lake, I constrict like a snake / stray in my way, I will deathroll
twist of ya leg / (you can) cry bitch and beg all you want to / tripods stomp you, when my
squad comes through / I belong to a race from space / the royal get flushed when I pull
out the ace of spades / It takes place in your own back yard / that’s why the superstitious
don't act hard… / cause the blackheart demon, will change your perception / your ass starts
bleeding when it slays your reflection / many corporations hunt me… / I’m a bio weapon
thats captured by Weyland Yutani / Invasion of the body snatchers, don't sleep! / those that
we are running after…won't leave!!!….


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Dope D.O.D.

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