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Dog Eat Dog - Walk With Me

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I'm getting ready to cut off the light pull out the plug
It's the end of a chapter and I had enough
Sick of being flat broke while you all floss
Tired of working like a dog while you all boss
You'll see there's so much to me than just an employee
Getting paid or getting played like a slave to the wage I'm saying

Seems like my sky's always cloudy grey
Ready to pour like in a storm
When the air get's cold & the ground is warm
That combination is raw power
Producing thunder lightning rain storm & hail showers
That's the forecast all the time
In the cumate of my mind
The sun is only shinging when I'm rhyming
That's the time I feel alive and

That's the way it must be some people got it easy
Not how it is for me and probably never wil be
I'm stuck here down in the dirt living with pain and the hurt
i feel inside & I know why but sometimes I just

Break out no filter gotta let my worst out
Something I can't prevent
Sometime I gotta vent
Deal with the consequence & the punishment
In the violent environment that I represent
You see why I'm belligerent?

I hate being broke
It sucks being poor
I'm in a pressure cooker
I can't take it anymore
Gotta do something for myself
Make some kind of plan
It's a fucked up situation
For a desperate man

Backed into a corner the beast reacts
Let the lyrics tell the story like heroin tracks
I'm for the hardcore losers the branded & the users
Ain't quitting I refuse to
So many times I thought I'd drop it
Haters want me to stop it
Even though they couldn't knock it
So unless you're ready to top this please
Step off You don't want me to let off
My dogs in here pure pedigree & the mutts in here
Nothing to lose less to fear

Yeah I'm getting that paper by busting these rhymes
Or I will snatch that paper by doing the grime
There's nothing interrupting what's me & mine
It's yours it's mine that's right yo

By any means necessary
My work ethic is legendary
I'm willing able ever ready
There is no doubt I rock steady
I'm permenantly pugnacious
Stay terminally lungracious
Never given a chance I'll take it
Show me a rule & I'll break it

I'm in the grind most of the time
Out of my mind you can't help me
Nothing to lose I sing the blues

Walk in my shoes walk with me
Walk with me ya'll walk with me
These dogs right here walk with me
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2 177 866 tekstów, 20 282 poszukiwanych i 627 oczekujących

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