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Dog Eat Dog - Undivided

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we're undivided but undecided

I got questions, is that all there is?
Like how much more blood can a stone give?
if you squeeze it enough
there's been reason enough
to take the good with the tough times
joy to the rough times
shit used to be knit
tighter than cashmere
how did it get all
where do we go from here?
just know you're my heart but I've gotta confess
I'm thinking we should give it a rest

we're undivided (I love you to death!)
but undecided

I'm staying open to just about anything
but more changes and the song remains the same
approaching the next chapter with laughter
hoping for the best but preparing for disaster
have to self preserve, self pretend, self medicate
you adapt and matriculate to the current situation
compromise slide thru complications in our relations

you say you're confused boo
well boy I'm confused too
I'm down for anything in the world involving you
baby make up your mind and tell me what you wanna do?
Cause I already made my decision about you

We stay positional even when it's critical
I got your back and that's unconditional
always been together - done it all whatever,
we could make this last forever
do what you gotta do
it's a crazy world and I'll take my chances with you!
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2 229 416 tekstów, 22 786 poszukiwanych i 462 oczekujących

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