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Devin The Dude - Thinkin' Boutchu

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[Chorus: x2]
Smokin my weed, drinkin my brew
But I'm Thinkin' Boutchu girl
I'm out in these streets, playin all the music
That we used to listen to, girl

[Verse 1:]
Baby I'm just glad we was able to happily divide
And put our feelings aside, we live, but we tried
Now I ride and listen to the songs we used to jam
When we were together, then I catch myself, damn
I gotta straighten up and drive right
You know my eyes tight, headed to the party
Tryna enjoy the rest of my night
I walk through the door, women wall to wall
Left the club with no woman at all
This has got to stop, you just got to get out my mind
As the old school cassette rewinds
Time will reveal if we can make it last forever
You stole my heart but made it tougher than leather
You got me runnin red lights, not seein stop signs
Tryna face the fact that what I had is not mine
But I guess, it's for the best
So I just, sit back and reminisce, and roll up this


[Verse 2:]
It was nobody's fault
And if you think that I don't miss you, you can hold that thought
All the years we shared, I wouldn't change a thing
All the places we hang, where we ate and had drinks
It brings back memories of how we laughed and joked
How you used to ask why do I have to smoke so much
Your touch, I just couldn't resist
I'd steal a kiss and get another song to put in the mix
Hit the curb, get the herb, reality kicks in
Aww shit, damn man, I'm slippin again
Thinkin about my baby and the way we used to drive each other crazy
Those was the days see but, hey we learned
We must let go, when life keeps movin
The music keeps groovin, and yo, it's kinda soothin
Sometimes just to rewind how we used to just chill
Thinkin' Boutchu with my brew when I'm rollin some kill



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1 945 010 tekstów, 17 914 poszukiwanych i 422 oczekujących

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