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Demis Roussos - Ulysses

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Eight years slowly pass reborn your name
But Telemachus recalls
You were bold among the boars
Eight years till Calypso set you free
And Penelope awaits
Proud and faithfull against fate
Oh Zeus
Will you spread your mighty hands
Bring my journey to an end
Help me reach my native land
To my Ithaca so grand
Mighty Zeus
Oh, Mighty Zeus

Carriage from the deep
The endless winds have torn the sails to shreds
Carriage from the deep
And all but one believed that you were dead
Look to slay this land and a flower to forget
Quickly tie their hands and the pompous you'll regret

Don't come near the cave
For this is where Polyphemus abides
You'll become a slave
And many of your friends will lose their lives
Blind the masters host and away before he strikes
Speak O Hermes ghost May your winds show me the path
In a stall in Circes Isle you'll find your friends
Till the Goddess sees your heaven sent
There remain untill you'll find again self will
For your journey home to be fullfilled

And when I woke from my sleep
I long asked my heart wether to leap
From my swift going black painted ship
And in the sea be drowned
Or in silence endure
And among the living still abide

To the Hades and all the Oracles beseech
Of Achillies you will hear a speech
And the sirens voice will echo in your ears
Music that no sailor twice will hear

O prophet the threads of my life were spun by the Gods
One thing tell me But say the truth
The ghost of my mother so dear, I wish to see
Enthriced from my hands she flittered away

At last, O Athena
It is me Telemachus your father, Odysseus
My bow slay the Suphres
Penelope it is me, Odysseus
Peliapus it is me Odysseus
O Athena
Ithaca, Ithaca
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Stelios Vlavianos

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Alec R. Costandinos

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Collected (CD, 2015), Complete (CD, 2016)

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2 129 525 tekstów, 19 890 poszukiwanych i 276 oczekujących

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