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Dababy - Who Shot Ya

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Who shot your homeboy, nigga with a diaper on?
Got on a classic Biggie beat and got a cypher on?
Your girl said she stickin' with DaBaby, right or wrong
Just gave me head in the rented car while the lights was on
You know me, I be chillin' and coolin'
Know I'm the shit with the music
Since you in love with computers
Go look my name up on Google
And please don't turn to a groupie
These other niggas be goofy
Might as well pick up popcorn, we finna make this a movie
I'm somewhere laid up with a stallion, lettin' them haters hate
Eating jumbo shrimp with the steak off a paper plate
Balling on 'em like Michael Jordan back in '88
Got my dick sucked before my flight, it almost made me late
I'm in a different bracket than rappers, these niggas can't relate
Don't make me get to slappin' at rappers, give 'em a change of face
I made so many racks off of trapping, yeah, I was slanging weight
I put the weed down and start eating, they say I'm gaining weight
Who shot you, that lil' nigga with the pamper Baby?
With 10 pounds of Cali weed inside the hamper Baby?
Your baby mama looking like she want a sample, baby
I pulled up with the bald fade like a cancer patient
Who shot you, the lil' nigga that be on Instagram?
Do what the fuck he wanna do, like he don't give a damn?
Just got some head after the show inside the sprinter van
They know I'm a fool 'cause I'm smooth and cool as a ceiling fan
You need to get your boss, I ain't tryna fuck with the middle man
I'm charging just to talk, nothing personal, I'm business man
So if you ain't got it, I'll get it from you later
And when I need motivation I get it from a hater
And when I need some good head I go get it from your lady
I just might fly out to Cali and ball like I'm a Laker
And send a box to my brother and let him get some paper
Come back to Charlotte a Muslim like, "As-salamu alaykum"
Pull up in a silver Bentley like Mr. Arnold Taylor
And all I need is a coupe 'cause I'm riding with my lady
And if you seeking the truth, then you better find DaBaby
Your label gotta be stupid if you don't sign DaBaby
The struggle, had to go through with it, now I'm finally patient
And I'm enjoying the journey and all the time it's taking
And when it come to my city, they treat me like I'm Diddy
And if I get shot today, they gon' treat me like I'm Biggie
Huh, who shot you?

That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby
R.I.P this motherfuckin' beat
And I do that hip-hop shit too, this for you hip-hop heads, man
You hip-hoppers, haha
Who shot you?
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mixtape: Baby Talk 2 (2017)

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