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Dababy - L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #131

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Off the top, don't believe the hype, nigga, it's Baby, I'm pushin' P
Double R Phantom outside, drop the window with the lights just to let them hoes look at me
Yeah, I won't keep her, I'd rather be free with her
Give it back to the streets, keep it G with her
Might fuck on me for three years
Only three times will I sit down in public and eat with her
Must've forgot who he is
I been fuckin' niggas hoes since fifteen
It's a surprise I only got me three kids
Look in his eyes, you can tell that he real
Look on the net, you might think that he fake
Look at the plaques, stats and where I came from
Ain't no way you can say "He ain't great"
Type to wake up today and go sell my estate
Nigga, I don't want it no more, I don't want the whips either
Tryna make me mad 'bout a ho
Nigga don't know what's goin', I don't want the bitch either
I drop her off with you, you can keep her
Nigga, I ain't new to this shit, I been true to this shit since a seven-forty-five yellow Beemer
Pull up with the cutest little bitch, I don't open her doors
I just fuck her all night and I leave her, yeah
He pushin' P 'cause he paid for it
I get that pussy for free, I'm on welfare
I fell in love with her, she was my trap girl
I used to make the mailman press the doorbell
She give that good head, if she got long hair I got nowhere
Fuck niggas hatin', but oh well
I'm the type of rap nigga kill a rap nigga, now I still walk in and do my lil' show there, nigga
I'm pushin' P, I'm the realest one in it
She fuck with me, that boy still in his feelings
I'm in Atlanta, buyin' designer
Fuck 'round with me and I'll shoot you in Lennox
I'm in New York where I can't have a gun
I'ma just fly into New Jersey with it
I'm back to Cali and I never run
Play, you gon' go play with 2Pac and Biggie
Yeah, I got three daughters, but I need a son
You excited enough? okay baby, come get me
Lay back and push out that P, he gon' be wantin' to play
I never let niggas play with me, it's Baby, nigga

Man, nigga, this shit too easy, fuckin' that ho in my Yeezys
Won't take 'em off, soon as I'm done, I'm leaving
She beggin' me for to stay
I'm havin' business to handle, can't waste time creepin'
She got to thinkin' I'm bae
I guess it's my fault, my feelings change with the seasons
I cuff hoes when it's cold outside
Then I get gone when it's hoes outside
Pull up on 'em niggas and hear, "Oh my god,"
Pull up on 'em niggas in a cold ass ride
I used to serve niggas pound everyday
In a fishbowl rental with a old .45
I ain't even have to use the scale no more
When half of most niggas wouldn't know my lyin'
Me and you are not the same, you a misdemeanor, nigga
I get mad and send a hit on me a nigga
I flash out, pull that stick out, uh
Never go back 'bout a bitch
That ain't part of my pimpin', that ain't how I get down, yeah
I slap a grown ass man in front of all his niggas
Let's see who the bitch now
All out the window, yeah nigga, I'm here
I know we supposed to be mad at DaBaby
And that nigga cancelled, but that nigga lit
And these niggas' hoes, I came from the bottom
I didn't have shit, wasn't even supposed to see this
She get to starin' as soon as I hop out the car
I didn't even have on a fit
Came back with the fade on them hoes
Uh, yeah, lookin' just like Money Mitch
Uh, nigga, this shit too easy
That's a FN on my hip, no beeper
I don't trust none of these hoes, no sir
I ain't claimin' none of these hoes, not even
Niggas talkin' 'bout Baby on the blogs
Nigga, so what, do somethin', I'm pleadin'
And I ain't have to show me a nigga what's happenin' in a while
Trigger finger motherfuckin' squeezin'
Scratchin' it, now that bitch itchin'
I'm back in this bitch where I'm stuck with that iron
Any one of you niggas fuck with me wrong
On my big bro, it's gon' be a killing
I got on my motherfuckin' grind, when the money slow down niggas got in they feelings
Fuck on her slow and I don't even kiss her
I'm a dog ass nigga, Baby
Huh? Yeah, nigga this shit too easy
Fuckin' that ho in my Yeezys
I'm in this bitch with the Leakers
Yeah, huh? Nigga this shit too easy
Uh, fuck on that ho in my - uh
I'm in this bitch with the– let's go
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