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Cvlt Shit - Body Bagz

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You'll never understand until you've been there.
Been down so much, that all you can manage to do now is sit there.
Thinking back at all the choices that you made to get there.
Pumping a fist to the sky telling god "it ain't fair."
But yo, we ain't there.
How could it be with all this devastation and desperation surrounding me?
So put me in the ground 'cause this life has just been pounded out of me,
The only reason I ain't sleeping now 'cause I got mouths to feed.
Why can't I catch a break?
Why can't I step away and wake up one morning and think that things wont be a mess today?
I gotta break the cycle somehow, sick of this pain, I'm sick of living this way,
okay I'm done now.
Not having fun now, there's just so many reasons.
Feel as if my soul's a broken puzzle and I'm missing pieces.
It's real easy for you to judge them when you see them,
But you'll never truly understand unless you've ever been there.
I've been there, a place where hope was thin in the air.
If things are gonna get better tell me a 'when' and a 'where'.
Sitting and staring in the mirror, nobody's there,
That I know, feeling so alone and I'm scared that nobody cares.
My nights consist of so many prayers.
I once had so many dreams, I once was going somewhere.
Try and following steps before you start to compare, me to you and you don't know me, Now you think that that's fair?
I never thought my path would lead me to the point I'm at now.
But before they get up, some people gotta fall down.
Some fall harder than others, they thought they had it all down.
Me, I take these experience and jot them all down.
But how do you cope when you think that hope is nowhere around?
How do you know where to go if you haven't been found?
I'm saying it's draining living this pain that I'm in.
You're quick to judge me but you haven't been the places I've been, c'mon


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1 912 178 tekstów, 17 687 poszukiwanych i 776 oczekujących

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