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Country Joe And The Fish - The Harlem Song

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Glorious! Breathtaking! Spectacular! Relax in the grandeur of America's yesteryear. Harlem, land of enchanting contrasts. Where the romantic past touches hands with the exciting present. First, the pleasure of being received with warmth and genuine hospitality. Then, the easy adjustment to the comfort and style of superb meals, exotic beverages, colorful entertainment and dynamite action. Doing all the wonderful things that wonderful vacations are made of — at wonderful savings, too. Yes, come to Harlem, the happy meeting ground for families with large wants and small budgets.
See colorful Harlem in New York City
Come treat yourselves: some grits and barbecue.
Bring the family to Harlem in New York City
For a summer of fun dancing to the rhythm & blues.
And if you're lookin' for the action, this summer is your chance,
All the black folks are just dyin' to watch you sing and dance
In carefree Harlem, that's New York City
Where every soulful spade has a serenade just for you.
Well, hi baby, how are you doing today ?
How d'you do man, I ain't feeling so good, you know.
What's the matter, boy ?
Well, I was sitting around the house, you know, and me and my old lady sat down almost to get — all ready to have a good meal of watermelon and hominy grits ...
Yeah, sounds good.
... sittin down, they were showing a whole bunch of re-runs of the Amos and Andy Show, you know ...
My favorite program.
... When the TV blew up right in the middle of the program, man.
Yeah well, what did you do, man ?
Well, what does it look like I did man ? I came outside and ran into you, jerk!
Well, I tell ya everything is blowin' up these days: TV's, ghettos, you know it's gettin' kinda rough, he he he!
Ya, they even made a movie out of it.
What d'they call it ?
Blow Up.
Hell, that's pretty funny, hey hey!
Well, it looks like I'll be shufflin' off, y'know.
Ya, well, with all that natural rhythm, you can probably shuffle pretty good.
Discover glorious Harlem in New York City,
There's thrills and chills in the land of Rhythm and Blues.
Bring the family to Harlem in New York City,
You'll have fun in the sun doing what the black folks do.
And every little pickaninny wears a great big grin
Just hanging 'round waitin' for some white folks to drop in.
But if you can't go to Harlem, that's New York City,
Maybe you'll be lucky and Harlem will come to you.
Um, gowwa, buwanna.
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Country Joe McDonald

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Country Joe McDonald


Country Joe And The Fish ‎– Together (LP, 1968),

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