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Complete - Jordan

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I really wish you would leave me alone
I just wanna be by my own for a second
But you always gotta creep in my dome
Always gotta speak in my zone so you know what I reckon
I reckon you're just as lonely as I am
I reckon you're just lonely as me
I reckon you wanna see me break so you feed me bait
'Cause you know what I need, yeah, I know what you need
Oh please, can you just listen up
Just zip it shut, and not interrupt for once?
I mean fuck, this just isn't fun
I've been stuck in this rut but I'm done with ya, fuck you cunt
Fuck you too, fuck you, shut up
Cut up, just do it, one, two, nuh-uh
I ain't ever falling for that again
I don't want my mother to look at me like I'm nothing but a nutter
I just wanna have a moment of peace
I just wanna go to sleep without you
Always calling me a loner, saying that I can't stay sober
And I should make a rope with the sheets
I just wanna focus on beats
Focus on making the dopest release, nah
You should get drunk, you should just jump
You should just thump and explode on the streets
Dammit, man, you make me sick
You've always been a crazy prick
I remember the days that we played as kids and you'd say
I should go to the neighbours place and set flames to it
Take a sip, take a sip
Take a sip, shit, that's three for your OCD
Like that song that you did, hey, take a sip
That's four, does that make you tick?
Bet you crave a fifth like you crave the piss
Every day is the same as you chase your fix
You're a slave to the taste of a fake escape
And too lazy to change a bit, you're afraid to quit
So you wait a bit and you wait a bit
Gain weight a bit, what a way to live
Okay, you prick, I get the picture no need to explain the shit
You're ashamed of it
Maybe I am
But who are you to judge?
It was you who was telling me to do the drugs
And get stupid drunk, I just thought you could use some fun
You were upset, you were dumped
I didn't say to abuse it once, the truth is
You choose to run from your problems
Don't blame me for the fact you're a stupid cunt
Take it back
No way, mate, take it back, it ain't plain as that
I'm the one that remains intact
And at the same time craving crap that you made me have
Don't say I'm a lazy rat
When the greatest fact is I'm trapped in the way you act
You're just mad that your brain is tapped
You're the same as your crazy dad, you're a maniac
Fuck you, you don't know what it's like
To be so messed up that you hope that you die
When you're over your life and you know that you might
Put a knife to your throat as you cry
But I chose to survive cause I think I could focus and try more
Don't wanna die from emotions I hide
You couldn't care that I'm broken inside
You just poke and provoke till the moment's arrived
Why? Why you gotta do this to me?
You're choosing to be so abusive and mean
Refusing to leave till my brain has been taken
You're basically placing the noose on the beam
Everybody wants that according to you
No more torment, Jordan, we're through
No more talking the door has been shut
I'm ignoring it, just like you taught me to do
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