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Clawfinger - Warfair

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do you know how it feels to be down in the dirt
with a bullet in your breast and blood on your shirt
lying in a bloodpool down in a pit
covered with the corpse and the blood and the shit
how does it feel to have a gun at your head
when you know that you'd be much better off dead
looking right down through the barrel of a gun
don't try to tell me that you think it's fun
praying for your mercy don't say you see the light
what diffrence does it make if the good lord's right
at the end of the war the survivors are none
b'cos a war is a loss a war can't be won
you're just another soldier and you're doing the dying
you're a symbol of a nation so boy stop crying
hero of a war such a man so brave
a medal's worth nothing when you're lying in your grave
do you know the pain
marching into history marching into war
can you feel the shame
marching into misery you function as a whore
5 o'clock in the morning and they shout out your name
but they don't really carecos you all look the same
now this is the army and we train to kill
out job is to give you that fighting will
so get off your knees and stand straight like a man
do I have to tell you twice to make you understand
freedom has a price and that price is blood
so chase the motherf**ker right down in the mud
do you know.....
warfair warfair warfair warfair
ignore all your feelings just go all the way
if you don't then death is the price you have to pay
this ain't peace and love no man this is war
don't even dare to ask what you're fighting for
just search and destroy never question a lie
you don't want to bite the bullet boy you don't want to die
don't try to tell me that you couldn't kill a mna
that's a load of f**king bullshit boy I know you can
do you know....
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2 350 237 tekstów, 29 171 poszukiwanych i 589 oczekujących

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