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Chillinit - Underrated (ft.Wombat)

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[Intro: [?]]
Pack us up
Who's next anyway?
Hahaha prob'ly gonna hate me now, fuck 'em

[Verse 1: ChillinIt]
I'm lost in the Safari with writers block, I light the pot, still got chrome for the beef, lad
Fuck with the party, you're Microsoft, I'm Firefox, I Mac your books on a beat, lad (Urgh)
I space bars apart to try shift, control, alt, delete that
On keyboards I blow like C4, I tell 'em I spit raw, the whole crowd repeats that (Ragh!)
Catch that shit like a virus, smokin' a Billy Ray Cyrus, I'm the Osiris
You don't wanna touch my style, it's hench, get clenched like pliers
I'll race car drive ya, back into 2016, one of my bars worth 20 16’s
Smoke four-two-oh with 26 teens, fast forward four years that's 26 G's
Ha ha ha ha, fuckin' bitches while I'm puffin' swishers with the bud rocks
Double visions from the buds I'm hitting, keep a spliff of litty in my glovebox
Everybody say they got the chronic, so we knock-a-knockin' at the drug spots
We just wanna get a couple nuggets, if they blocka blocka then we fucked off (Urgh)
Still I kick goals like Goodes, still I got stripes like Woods
Still I got a two-pack rolled all night like Suge and I still get high through hoods
Still I'm on the road like two white stripes till I got a phone like two white Nikes
Still sip beers, I flipped and switched gears and I push 'em on a pedal, but I don't ride bikes
Don't tell lies, bad bitch I like, tell a bad bitch "I might"
Tell a bad bitch "Yeah, I ride for my day ones and I wake up and I blaze up, high"
I'm off chops like vegans do, I'm what 70 times 6 equals to
Head for the head, connect to get checked then I head for the head like a beanie do
I pop bars, rock stars like Beatles do, got pot, got pans like Peter do
I was ready for the war, ready for the war, the devil's at the door, I'ma leave with you (Urgh)
Butt-heads like Beavis do, she beef with you, I don't know why I'm leavin' you
'Cause, my girl, I can't watch you cry (Argh), but I swear I'll bleed for you, bleed for you!
(Switch it up) Where I'm from I learnt to keep it hunned
When I buss it, buss it for these up and comers you can't see me comin' like you Stevie Wonder
This is Oklahoma, this is City Thunder, brudda, brudda, brudda, did I stut—stutter?
This is gutter, gutter for you motherfuckers, bada-bing and boom and I just does it, does it (Woo!)
Now you breddas love it, bit of weed then I get in dozens
Press the buttons, get me many brothers, I could bender, bender like I'm Benny Cousins
Lightyear, now I'm plenty buzzin', now I sip it, sip it from the Henny cup and
Right here, I was steady puffin', you can come and get it, I ain't ever runnin'

[Refrain: ChillinIt]
I ain't never ever goin' nowhere, homie, we don't care
Love it or hate it, 'cause we underrated and out of Australia, ah-yeah
And I ain't never ever goin' nowhere, homie, I don't care
Love it or hate it, 'cause we underrated and out of Australia, ah-yeah

[Verse 2: Wombat]
Yeah, I'm a fiend for the mic, bleed for the beats but it keep me alive
Demons arise if you're weak in the mind, but you need a disguise, I can see through the lies
Won't go dull with the dreamers, I wonder why flow's so cold, I could freeze in the summertime
I said flow's so cold I could freeze in the summertime!
Yeah, Wombat is a black sheep, couldn't give a fuck if I crash, laid back in the back seat
Think you lads couldn't match me, not by the gaps in my cracked teeth, spaz on a trap beat
What, they're eager to test? They believe they're a threat, but they're ten steps back
And they're trapped 'cause we're redbacks weavin' a web, they'll regret that they penned tracks, leave 'em a mess
I reside in the south, I'm about, the cunt's back, drivin' around, there's an ounce of bud that
Surrounds my nutsack, hyped when I'm out, but if sirens-a sound then I'm out like "Fuck that!"
It's evident, got a vendetta, pen's venomous, Avatar, I can bend elements
We're felonious, they're dreadin' us, ten seconds and they're dead, it's just they're jealous 'cause they're delicate
Gas up my engine, travel dimensions, back in a flash like astral projection
Smashin' a set, no lads in contention, they're no match but they have to contest
You can try though, but I dice flows with the mic closed, right flows on a tightrope in a cyclone
Got my eyes wide open, a psycho, when I hide from the 5-0 gotta lie low
Sick of bringin' us down, well don't count on it, quick, I'm not kiddin' around, I've grown out of the shit
Been surrounded by pricks, but I'm pickin' em out, so in a minute I'm bound to go down with the ship
Spinnin' around, thinkin' about spittin' it foul, figured out how to be soundin' this sick
So the crowd's gonna bounce in a fit, give it up, give us the crown, it's no doubt we're the kings
What it is, what it is, man, I said "it is what it is, man"
But I can't get a grip like I'm sinkin' in quicksand, startin' to think I ain't shit but a dickhead
Dancin' with Lucifer, I'm goin' all out, now it's gettin' nuclear, we have to fall out
We bouta to fall out, yeah
War like a Shaolin, talk of the town, get around it, surrounded by thoughts you can drown in
Fought for the crown, never dwarf of the town, and were fromin
But I gotta fight this abyss like I'll die in a blink, it was like an epiphany
Lightin' the spliff, man this life is a mystery, gotta thrive till we ride for the victory
And I'm not social I'm unapproachable, don't think that I'll choke 'cause I'm ropable
It's no joke, don't go get emotional, like "why is everything we flow so quotable?"
Most of all, when I mention the top, better check when connectin' the dots, when I stepped in the spot
I shocked all the vets, I'm like lots of electrical watts, let me stress, we're the best of the flock
But I'm sick of these silly cunts shit, I'm the bitter one, spit like a Minigun
With a bit of luck, like a bitch I be living lush, got a mini buzz, pick it up like a ciggie butt
Kick it in the middle of a city that is in a rush, we don't fuss, think I give a shit? Couldn't give a fuck
Tick us up, gotta get a mix of the sticky bud, so they wanna mimic us, but the jig is up


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