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Chetta - Rx / Pharmaceutical Representive ft. $crim

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[Verse 1: Chetta]
They think I got a problem
I can't tell you where I got 'em
All I know is how to pop 'em
I just leave three
I'ma stop 'em
Gettin' reckless off narcotics
Clonidine I forgot 'em
Feelin' every time I swallow
I just finished off a bottle
Live my life in full throttle
Eatin' molly with some models
At my house just like a brothel
Gotta find me like a fossil
I'm feelin' [?] off a wing tip
Fly shit
Get yo' head of yo' wings clipped

[Verse 2: Chetta]
A-addy got me focused
Lost my mind and now I'm hopeless
Took a perc
I feel ferocious
Sipping codeine
Thought you noticed?
I just poured up a few doses
And it's [?] like a hostess
You ain't popping?
Oh you bogus
Countin' commas
No emotions
My opponent
Dropped the potion in my soda
Green light I'm off the yoda
Eat my volume with a soma
You can take it how you wanna take it
This shit I been feeling like I fucking made it

[Pharmaceutical Representative]

[Verse 1: Chetta]
[?] outside of my mind
With the eyes of the blind
You don't see but we clutchin' (ooo)
Thirty inside
Got $crimmy inside
And we choppin' these pills by the two (ooo)
Take your insides
Leave 'em hanging outside
Like a art exhibition we do (ooo)
Cookin' inside
Sell it all outside
This is just what hustlers do (ooo)
Breaking down a brick just to bag a bitch up
Breaking down your chance
You can try your own luck
Spend it in advance
Can't save a fuckin' buck
(ahh) Don't jump back
Try n' triple up
Try n' triple up
Three six flow
Walkin' out the trap feelin' ten foot tall
Take you off the map like an old ass road
Pull a kick doe
Who tryna get exposed?
Prayers for the weak
Sinnin' all week
Really I could give a fuck what you think
Fuck what you teach
Fuck what you speak
I'm with a dime piece getting sucked like a leach
Kick it to the curb
That's blood on the street
Givin' up my word
Let me practice what I preach
Feeling berserk when I'm off of the Z's
Off of the green (SHEESH)

[Verse 2: Yung $carecrow]
Put wire on my bat-a
The chetta will make your heart line flat-a
Flip them bodies like acrobat-a
Cock that gat-a
Brains will splatta
Organs scatta
Then leave all the rest for the fucking birds to scrap on (and on, and on)
You know the $carecrow paints a vivid picture
I blow my smoke up off the bible's scriptures
Speaking in code whenever my phone line tick-a's
Riding the silk road in to blood red rivers


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Budd Dwyer

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SE7EN (2015)

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