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Cherryholmes - Goodbye

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Love is blind and so was I
When I fell for you,
You licked me up with all those
Fancy words just like a fuse,

Filled my head with love and life,
Some memory can't erase,
Now long before you're done I might
have flown up in my face,

You would set me up for
Blazin' up to the sky,
Not knowin' I could fall so
Hard when I was left so high

You picked me up just like a fool,
To only let me down,
You takin' me for granted
Sent me crashin' to the ground

How can I be such a fool,
To fall in love with you,
This life that you just set
Me on has left me all confused,

Swept me off my feet,
Turn around and crushed my heart,
I'm still unsure what happened
How my world had fell apart,

I'm standin' in the room
When somthin' of my love is lost,
Knowin' what the price will be if
Forced to pay the cost,

Traded all my feelings for a
Heart that will not heal,
And lost my love in anger
to you in a lousy veel,

Give me back my heart and
You can keep your fancy lies,
And tell them to someone who's
In to have a big surprise,

Fooled me once and that's enough,
To put out our love light,
And lost the love I had for
You to prove you won your fight,

Ha, I will not worry when
You're walkin' out the door,
I've hurt so much the pain
does not effect me anymore,

A lesson learned, I won't
Forget you pulled me with
you eyes, I'd gladly say it's
finally easy now to say goodbye
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2 114 394 tekstów, 19 635 poszukiwanych i 737 oczekujących

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