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Busta Rhymes - Butch & Sundance (Feat. Q-Tip)
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Shake shake
Shake shake
Shake shake

[Verse 1: Q-Tip]
Bust my brother despite the two mothers
Butch and Sundance trot, killshot to you fuckers
You feel the wind of excellence before we enter in the room
So assume your position of the natural born coon
When we groom other rappers, pew, need to starting soon
The wolves are howling at the moon, your time will never come soon
Markie, [?], me and the Brooklyn bad boy
The petty thoughts of the sanction when we rhyme, become void
The game of life, the game of death
[?] you can't take it, rappers fake it til they make it
And it's mirrors of naked, your lady shoes are Rasputin
Of the rhyme evolution and all the issues you confusing
And we are the solution
Yo, Busta rhymes

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
I'm on, black, you know it's a wrap
And despite all the shit you taught me you niggas is wack
Fuck that, fuck with us, bitch, them niggas is [?]
Show me your ass, stack it up all on a nigga and now ass clap
Don't get your ass clapped trying to be like the next dude
Go ahead move, try to prove something I test tube
A couple of you funny looking niggas some fufu's
Them niggas is too cool, you niggas is through
See we live with it, homie, look, we clearing the bar out
Toasting, celebrating and we drinking 'til we fall out
While I'm with a strong shine, bitch, you know it's Bust' Rhymes
Let me explain, (no), I'm fucking with the slimes
That's it, fuck the time, we rock on and on
You rhyme wrong, everything about you dead gone
Niggas in the front, heard you got my back
I'mma put the drug back in the street like nickle crack

[Verse 3: Q-Tip]
One for the beat and two for the creator
The remains saying, debating who's position came the greater
For now let's set the gate up, the live motivator
Couldn't cut it with a fader and Grandmaster was your data
'Til the [?] dissing Janet [?] single-handed
The vision is deep unless every man understand it
You spitting sweet 16's for [?] creams
My mom's got legendary genes that brought me greens
You virtual robotic, I got the lean product
Fiends follow like the hobbit cause crowd could never top it
And your trash is not the topic, we know you can't rock it
Well, shit the topic is that none of you niggas can stop it
Indeed, we gonna do it, you know we went through it
Here's a [?] to prove it if you listen to the music
If you listen to the music then you should've get it better
It's the Abstract and the Dragon and we doing this together

[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]
Do it together, do it forever
Bust grand, imperial rhymes, finish billing your crimes
Oh shit, another verse, get in line first
For what it's worth, did it all, did it first
Niggas mad, sick with thirst, hit 'em bad 'til it hurt
Pick the land, pick the turf
The fuck is up? We getting this work
I still be on my bullshit eating niggas' food, bitch
I'm in the mood [?]
Bet they want that shit, better forfeit
And forklift niggas like I'm throwing them off cliffs
It's all horseshit, bang niggas like worships
Want the [?], well, I won't allow any forces
Raw spit, you out here acting like they important
You off niggas, get to expecting your loss quick
Abort this, identify the God as your lordship
For how you funny niggas be looking you an ostrich
Beat niggas head, your looks very assaulted
The cost is whatever the niggas want, it's the boss, kid

Ayo, come on, what you doing?
What you - what you doing, dude?
Why you trying to stop my shit son?
The fuck's up, son?
Stop doing that shit son
Word, son, stop doing that shit
Fuck that


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1 714 823 tekstów, 18 092 poszukiwanych i 436 oczekujących

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