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Bruce Springsteen - The War Is Over

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The king and the queen have drowned in their laughter
Today the new court jester has arrived
And he'll tell you funny stories and dance a bit after
And help the king forget the revolution outside

Well the wars been lost can your army stay and watch
As thousands desert to the other side
Your people pledge allegiance in the face of a bomb
And too many people have died telling other jokes
The king he cried

Well when are you gonna realize that your kingdom is crumbling before your eyes
Your tears have been streaming like blood from the sky
When you hear the children screaming whose brothers have died
You can murder in the name of freedom but you just can't hide

The moon is hanging high over the castle tonight
There's rumors of an attempt on the throne
The king has locked himself into his chamber
And the walls are screaming out "You're alone, you fool you're alone"

And from the cave of night rides a horseman
And he comes bringing word of the war
He says "sire your armies are defeated
No people are fighting anymore, for your kingdom it ain't yours
And they killed your last soldier"
And the war is over
And the war is over
And the war is over
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The Rockin' Roots Of Bruce Springsteen (2015)

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2 131 392 tekstów, 19 890 poszukiwanych i 587 oczekujących

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