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Brokencyde - Fuck that

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[Intro x2]
Ok we on, we on another level, tho
Wish we were gonzo but we ain't gonna ever go
You've better grab a seat cause this is forever ho
This is the fuckin' life we chose, we'll never let it go!

[Verse 1]
On the way back to the top (ohhh)
What you think I'm gonna et you take my spot (nooo)?
This is my home, this is my thrown
[?] up on your iPhone
Real shit, baby, I'ma keep it real though
Says she wanna party, I'm just tryna chill, ho
Says she drink, but she's tryna hit that kill smoke
I got what you need, fuck what you believe!

[Hook x2]
Now fuck that, now fuck that
Now get the fuck back, I don't trust back
Now fuck that, now fuck that
You just mad cause we bringing crunk back

[Verse 2]
I told you we were coming back:
BrokeNCYDE, no heart attack;
We never died, we only tried to get back to where we started at
Had a little trouble with the mainstream
Little bit of trouble with the old team
Try'na get back to old scheme, just me and Mikl them OG's
These bitches try to hate but what they say and what they talk about
Ain't nothing more than fake so let 'em hate and watch me knock em out
With a left hook and a side kick, you're bitch is on my dick
Try'na get on that high tip, we smoke loud on that hype shit
Been rippin' shit since 98, 05 we made a myspace
BrokeNCYDE on the front page
First comes fame, then comes hate
Then comes a bunch of people making up shit
Websites filled with nothing but assumptions
I'm like fuck 'em let 'em all hate
Shoot these bullets out of my brain
Kill these lies I'm try'na maintain
But I can't help it I am insane
I am psychotic, schizophrenic
Let's be honest, you won't let us
Get too far, go too hard
Your time is up this world is ours, motherfucker!!


[Verse 3: Deuce]
All these old rappers are out, this new music is in
Whats all the beef about when all you do is pretend?
You've better hold your breath and your lady friends
Here I come again, Russian roulette
I play the game until the end
You came straight up out of thin air
Blank stare? Then you've better prepare
For a race yeah I'm already over here
Hit the breaks man I'm already first place
A mistake, yeah, but you'll never change that
Means that I'ma be on stage
You feel that, that's a bunch of anxiety
All mixed up with a bunch of hate
For when i got motherfuckin' betrayed
Rain, rain, never gonna go away
Bang, bang, bang, shells hitchya mayne
Dang, dang, why you mad at me
And BrokeNCYDE fuck what you think!
You should be ashamed: call the police
You're a rat the whole hood know that
You see my face, you can't complain
If you're a homo, then gimme brain!
Okay, okay, okay, okay
Lets put the past away
Lets discuss things in a better manner, better way
Hey! Things coulda been worse
But i killed this verse in, umm, two seconds
Schooled these kids brought 'em all to church
Lemme guess you're upset and you're feelings hurt!

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