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Boss - I Don't Give A Fuck

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I don't give a fuck, not a single fuck
not a single solitary fuck
I don't give a fuck motherfucker!
I don't give a fuck about none of why'all!
Big ballin' ass BO$$ takin' two to
Ya head with a sawed off shotgun
Give it up 'cause I'm one crazed bitch!
Rollin' thick, gang full of lunatics bailin
Runnin' through the mud
Escaped from the cell block searchin' for the got damn judge
'cause its simple to get revenge on a punk
Pop the trunk, grab the pump and pull the trigger my nigga!
From the jump kept fuckin' up, talkin' that same shit!
So I snuck up and fucked up a gang a shit
Bitches that's down and we found 'em
The punk we caught 'em and clowned 'em
Now the niggas stretched out from a murder case
And don't mind doing again the shit
That got me locked up in the first place
BO$$'ll let the nine go BUCK!
I truly don't give a fuck!
Naw, not givin a fuck, not givin' a fuck about shit
To me I see life
Like its a bunch of fuckin' bullshit
'cause everybody's runnin' around with crooked scam
An every fuckin minute I see a nigga' in a ambulance
Just another dead body
Niggas' got the streets sewn up, they goin out worse than John Gotti !
So for the year '92, I'm sayin fuck the motha fuckin feds
I'd rather put some fuckin' heads to bed
On a penny-annie punk talkin' junk
I'll beat ya down so bad, ya own pops won't recognize ya
Its better known as the first degree murder
Causin' death and destruction
Got niggas livin by the gun
So make way here I come, its da bitch that
Don't give a fuck
You make another move ya get fucked up
'cause that's the name of the game its to either kill or be killed
I'll pull the trigger on a nigga!
'cause I ain't the one to get played on, ya just get sprayed on
'cause I don't give a fuck!
The gangs livin' in a world where the undergrounds dwellin'
Do or die or get done
Ya cap'll get peeled take it from a real
Bitch droppin' motha fuckin' facts
Strapped with a big black gat, under a trench on my back
For motha fuckas talkin' cash shit, the BO$$'ll get drastic
And put the motha fucka in a casket
You can't last wit, bitches on the game tip and
can't hang wit bitches blowin' out brains quick
Anotha day anotha dead ass bitch, so grab the gat!
Dee, take them niggas back.......
I'm a take ya back in the day so niggas get 'em up
When niggas was rough
And tough but now a days you just get buck
When ya fuck, wit a bitch Baller, ya caught in a manslaughter
When she's takin' the life of one of your sons or daughters
'cause back then tha'ts just the way shit went
Bitches'll blow ya ass up, in a motherfuckin minute
Ya ask whyyyy?.........
We don't give a fuck!
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