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Blue October - Stay With me

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The first time I got muddy I was a young boy
Ten years old
I got lost in the woods in the middle of the night, in the dark and rainy cold

Young and damp a summer camp
I was a funny little sleepwalker
So I didn't think to tie myself to that oak tree before I fell asleep

When I stood up that night not knowing all the while
Where I'd end up when I wake up having slept walk for a mile

I found myself running barefoot almost naked through the trees
I was in my underwear with branches slapping on my face and knees

I ran on top the rocks wet cedar thorns and moss feeling nothing
Then the moon rose up and I realized I was lost

Nowhere close to home for the first time I was alone
Then the lightning struck and the thunder shook and I called out for my mom

Give me some attention that's what I yelled into the night
Please come down and help me show me sympathetic light

I need someone close to me
If only for a minute
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm just scared of what's in it

Stay with me

I had a dream last night that someone was taking my air from me
Creating ten times as many problems as any human can solve
They said you don't try hard enough and shoes don't always come in pairs
They love you when they make you look good but despise you behind closed doors
With vague goals and deep cracks it told me I can do better than that
Living in the shadow of someone's light that won't turn on
You see misery isn't everything
And I'm still learning that
Just give me the chance to turn my light back on

Stay with me

In the words of my father
Yes I'm good enough
Yes I'm good enough
Light the heart of my father
Yes I'm good enough
Yes I'm good enough
With the hope and strength of an ocean tide
Stay with me
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Blue October


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