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Cant seem to get right..

Dirty ass eastpak backpack blood money in a trashbag
I bought a thousand Smurfs on Ebay I was on shrooms needless to say
I'm the rain king can't stop the rain
I'm having traumatic flashbacks
I'm in the airport, fast track
Trying everything I'm a labrat
say you love me, elaborate on that
Say im nothing I'm even beyond that
Speaking the truth and then I become that
C'est la vie, go tell your mom that
Know I fell off but this is the comeback
Drain Gang follow the code we honor that
Walk in the store I want all of that
Icedancer I'm living in DisneyLand
So much designer got sick of that
So much designer we been in that
Put it in the trash we binning that
Let's leave it at that
Stepping out in converse and vans
Im counting more stars than fingers
Three stars
Feeling lingers
G-Shock, G-Shock my wrist is
SBE we cold like Christmas
Catch up with us can't catch me
Sleep is the one time I'm happy
But even sometimes there's nightmares
I feel like there's someone else there
I'm waiting for disaster or something else bad to happen
I'm in this beauty pageant and everybody's laughing
Rollie plain-jane wrapped around my wrist
Ever since that I got rich
Everyone wants to know me
Montana feel like Tony Montana
Tony when he was in the club
He was sitting all fucked up
Just before the shootout
Just before the shootout
Let's talk the ones I am that
Order hundred bottles send that back
Into madness descend back
I came back from a heart attack
We're equal let's pretend that
I paint better than Rembrandt
I drain better than..
They starstruck off this newsflash
Depression clinging to my back
Sharp ass claws all on its hands
I'm infected from its scratch
I feel sick and I feel sad
Self hate frustration on my ass
They won't let up on me man
Not even a moment
I need some atonement..

Thought it was over I'm back
Thought I would quit I can't
What else am I supposed to when I don't even want to be close to you
Don't want to be next to you
Sun is shining I can't stop rhyming
Working On Dying 2
Thought I was lying it's true
I'm stuck in this glue
I'm the one that's sick but bless you
You get X'd out you're excused
You know
Three stars
G shock my wrist SBE we cold like Christmas
Catch up with us can't catch me
Sleep is the one time I'm happy


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2 479 669 tekstów, 31 595 poszukiwanych i 919 oczekujących

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