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Blackguard - The Path

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The path that lies before us and the steps we take to move on
Our limbs to move the body and the will to make it so
What weight will slow the journey?
What test that we might fail?
Will the spirit be overcome or rise and we prevail?

So we question what's right but we never know
And we sit back and watch is the ebb and flow
Accepting what's wrong and let it go
For all we have done what is there to show?

So endlessly we travel the path we tread
For what more can we do?
Few signs here to follow on the path we tread
One day we'll make it to the end

How cruel!
That the choices we make
Have such resounding effect paralyzed by our fear of mistake
Another chain to break and move on
How cruel!
It's as though the leaves on the trees
Could destroy all that we have become
Or the wind set astray the direction we made to be strong

So winding a road but graced we are to be part of the path
A gift it is and everyday we should think it to finally be our last
The way not clear and never will it ever be
So pick yourself up and come follow me
Or travel the path alone till it leads you finally home
If we could only now


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1 988 801 tekstów, 18 205 poszukiwanych i 271 oczekujących

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