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Blackguard - A Blinding Light

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I cannot see
Even though it's there in front of me
Like a beggar cold, and crawling on my knees
Searching, for something so close yet still out of reach
Is this all I'm destined to be.

I've been living in the shadow now for far too long
The senses burn at the caress, like it doesn't belong
It's one thing to dwell in silence, or to feel nothing at all
Then you cannot hear the rush, or feel the pain at the end of the fall.

I fought to lift the veil and move beyond the door
Just when I thought there was, maybe something more
A hope that I could at last restore my sight
The cloak is gone, my freedom won, but I found a blinding light.

I can feel the light burn as the night was cold
And I struggle the same. As the life I lived before
Though the light guided me I still lost the way
And I struggle the same just to find the path back to the day.

With every fall I lose the will
Another chain that binds
I can't go on like this
Another road that winds.

I should have known that the struggle never really ends
The road is long; don't try to see what's beyond the bend
Our wars are won, at the cost of another defeat
You'll have to crawl to get back on your feet.

I thought I was stronger than this, that I had more to give
That the light of the day would show me the way to go
Never wanted to turn my back to it all
This is my struggle that ill have to bear
Before I am too far gone.


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1 988 797 tekstów, 18 205 poszukiwanych i 274 oczekujących

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