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Aska - The Last Message

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"Message replay: twelve trillion
six hundred and fifty thousand
four hundred and thirty one"
These are the last words of my kind
We created a machine, a "gateway", we called it
This machine would open up a vortex,
a hole that would let us peer into another reality
or dimension of time...
At that moment the galaxy opened a hole in the sky
that spanned across the heavens. The gateway's
capacitors were overloaded - destroyed - and now
could not reverse the the damage that we had done...
It is almost as if they were waiting for this
the alien race came through the vortex in great numbers
with superior technology. We raised our weapons
in a defensive posture. They fired down upon upon us
killing thousands with each blast. They did not respond to
our surrender but continued with their planet cleansing
This leads me to believe that no one will survive
This is the last message from our kind
"Message will replay in five seconds. Message replay:
Twelve trillion, six hundred and fifty thousand
Four hundred and thirty two"
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2 012 585 tekstów, 18 313 poszukiwanych i 508 oczekujących

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