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Aska - Legion

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Conscripted from the northern wastelands
Pressed then pledged honor to Rome
Six years past since I have seen my home or family
My brethren, gracious conquerors
They march side by side with our standards to the sky
The sun burns bright, the sweat burns my eyes dry
I'm weary now
The battle joined we take the field in the cool November light
Unkind and careless of thine own
"Why sufferest thou thy sons unburied
yet to hover over the dreadful shore of Styx"

Legion - Warriors of Death, fight on this day
Or take your final breath
Legion - On Victory! Go tempt the fates and ride to history

Homecoming not what I had in mind
My brothers skinned and hanged for all to see
The whispered war songs that rode the wind and called us back
Summon the warhorse
Our valiant deeds performed at their request
The Empire's noble cause
Sons slaughtered, murdered in the streets
Their mother's tears will shed upon the earth
The battle joined, our steel meets steel in the cool December light
Avenge our fallen, fill the breach
"I've done a thousand dreadful things
As readily as one would kill a fly
And nothing grieves me heartily indeed
But that I cannot do ten thousand more!"

Legion - Warriors ride free, No fear of Death we pledge our victory
Legion - Blood fills the sky, ha!
Pray to your Gods and then prepare to die

Alorac, leader of the Goths wants peaceful coexistence
With the Empire
He's petitioned, manoeuvred with the council
For rank and title of general
Impossible! The ignomy of Valens vanquish in Romania
Spur us on to victory! Victory!

So we will give you a war, men will die
And your children will weep for your souls as you blacken the sky
We will give you a war


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"Absolute Power" - 2007

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