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Aska - Invasion
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They will say it was a day that left all the rest of us
Asking and wondering why the sky went black
Then the rain on my windowpane came as insistent
As the clouds that now darken the sky - Ominous

Force, Power, Thunder - Fire rained from the sky
Light, Water - Death came down

Riding lightning, something frightening descended
From high in the sky to machines which long lay in the earth
Out of luck, terror struck, panic ensued
As we tried to survive one more day - Genocide

Force, Power, Thunder - Violate (Inviolate) from the sky
Light, Water - Death descends from above
Chaos, Fury - Invasion

They're coming down out of the sky
We were convinced that we would die
I don't know why, not going to lie, not really sure what is going on
Disintegrated over there and her last words "This isn't fair!"
It's not really something I care to share with humanity
We got accustomed to the fear
We had to fight that much was clear
The Tripod neared, all we held dear was blasted out into oblivion
We didn't know just what to do
Quite certain then that we were through
But in the end it was the flu that did the invaders in
And saved us from annihilation


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"Absolute Power" - 2007

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1 720 674 tekstów, 18 097 poszukiwanych i 495 oczekujących

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