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Apathy - Vacation



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Wish I could take a vacation from my mind

I learned my morals from a cheater, a liar and a deceiver
Always seemed to forgive her but never really believed her
That's why I hook my speakers and wires to the receiver
Tryna escape the fire and not be a vile creature
Barely survive the '80s, a baby without a teacher
Who's so materialistic, I'm always driving a beema
Overachiever ovеrseas smoking weed
But had a panic attack, but thought it was a stroke of season
I battlеd demons for all of the wrong reasons
Fighting, cheating and swearing instead of swearing allegiance
I only saw my father on the weekends
And some special events, but my memory's out of sequence
I learned to swim in the deep ends and mastered my defense
But still crucify him when he repents
My worse critic is living under the spit
And defeated fetal position was sick, but couldn't admit it
Overthink, overanalyze, ruminate fuming with hate over these stupid mistakes
The most self-loathing member of the human race
Need Professor X to try to control my Mutant traits
Back to square-one, life ain't fair, son
Search for Higher Ground to try to shoot off this flare gun
Maybe your ship will get me off of this place
I'm always in my own head staring off into space

Wish I could take a vacation
From my
I Wish I could take A vacation Dom my mind

I had enough meds that never work, friends who end up jerks
Supposedly famous, but I don't get all of the perks
My heart's racing off of Ritalin, spiraling
Bring me to the ER, call the medics or firemen
I feel panic like shooters of fire and
Add me with accuracy and boomer [?]
Boomers are retiring while I exist
Check the check, nervous wreck 'cause the future looks violent
Nervous attachment, circuits are crashing
Searching facial features for a certain reaction
Reading too deep into nothing, it's straight bugging
But my brain stay buzzing like a circus attraction
Losing my shit but on the surface, I'm laughing
And searching for anything that could serve as a distraction
Stop playing with my mind
Feeling just like that line from Terra fabulous action
Relaxing, cool as a breeze through palm trees
While I'm trying to get away from these fools and zombies
I'm super paranoid, so the hammer is on me
Tryna clear all my karma so spirits don't harm me
Back to home base, life ain't so safe
I can't imagine tryna navigate it with no faith
It's pure hell, too awful the face
That's why I'm in my own head staring off into space

Wish I could take a vacation from my m...
I wish I could take a vacation from my mind


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2 483 946 tekstów, 31 567 poszukiwanych i 616 oczekujących

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