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Apathy - No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

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When I was out doing dirt, you still tried hard to make it work
I guess I'm not meant to be trapped on Earth
I got a Need for the Speed of spaceship
And I feel much better when I'm weightless
You can't trap Neo inside the Matrix
I resent even having to explain this
If you could translate the pain that you see on my face
And understand no one can hear you scream of space
You will stop tryna catch falling stars in jaws
You always had a feeling that men were from Mars
Was it bars, I was spitting off, I was living large
Chill and relax, just max the charge cards
Cars where we open the sunroof at night
For Vеnus was a star that was shining real bright
And there's no such thing as lovе at first sight
'Cause I would have caught a glimpse with my little satellite
Last night the skies were so clear
Thought I saw the Northern Lights and the UFO appear
I get so high off us when you near
I put a helmet on and blast through the stratosphere
You claim to be mine, make the planets align
But our love was more like the Moon landing design, and now

If we had conversations and less confrontation
I could have told you we was the wrong constellation
No newspaper horoscope clipping
Could have stopped you from tripping, in the stars it was written
It's just fate, destiny, not science fiction
Crystal ball vision or some psychic prediction
Life is a script and we just play the parts
No matter how we plan or study the star charts
Raise the sails and enjoy the view
'Cause every tick of the clock will destroy us too
As the cosmo spins in the skies above
And we exhaust the lust that we disguised as love
This black and white movie is coming to an end
But just like that it will be summer again
On the beach we can fall asleep under the stars
Playing beats while we talk deep bumping some Nas
You and me weremeant to be but what are the odds?
What you going to do? Curse and be mad at the gods?
Nah it's Pisces season
I had enough drama and I'm likely leaving
And I plan to be yours, a new planet to explore
But I love was more like the Moon landing for sure
And now..

No one can hear you scream in space


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