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Amp Live - Hot Right Now

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Hot right now [x8]
Get it while it's hot [x8]

[Verse 1: Dude Royal]
I'm gon' get it while it's hot cause I don't like it cold
I'm a valley boy rapping so I change the mode
Really not clueless, just a cool negro
Truth be told told, I'm a rap nigga fa' sho
Sick and tired of hearing 'bout all this global warmin'
The reason why it's hot because I came and stormed in
Come get it or not is what I tried to inform them
Can't walk in these shoes cause my vans are smolderin'

[Verse 2: The Grouch]
Fifteen minutes, is it fresh or off?
All the fame you get if the pressure's off
Hot sixteen's, teen dreams and schemes
Buku blog fiends mucho blowin' steam
Yes, man, I'm O.G. in the scene (word)
A long term success, I'm-a be in the green
It ain't buzz
See what I means? I get love
Two different things, but only one is enough

[Verse 3: Fashawn]
I'm on another Fahrenheit, tearing mics
Two-hundred degrees
Burn MC's like kerosene
Fashawn to remain king, compared to these parasites
They scared of heights
Won't even put up a fight
Just guard your grill, my regime hard to kill
Only connect with architects, now let's build
I rhyme and hit 'em with a little [uh]
'Shawn in the middle
It's venemous, every bar that I scribble, nigga

Hot right now [x8]

[Verse 4: Eligh]
Equation, equator
Sensation, that of nature
Quotation, it burns my ears in pleasure, elation
It's good and elevation
Electric stimulation
Emancipation proclamation for the imagination
Stationary or cruising
A visionary and soothing
Passing by on a comet's tail, got to keep it moving
So dramatic, cinematic
Hot like grease to the face [hey hey]
Super-soaker full of gasoline, would you like a taste? [hey hey]

[Verse 5: Bambu]
AmpLive, gimme amplified over 808's and the crash and ride
A landslide win when I go in
Did he just go double time?
Still I rhyme with a goal in mind
To build with kids who do major crime
At school I'm up on a grand design
Keep us dumb, keep us blind
Keeps us locked, keep us broke
Keep us hooked on the drink and smoke
Since the days I mentioned [?] we been up on the biggest joke
It's hard enough to [?], and L.A. streets is butane so
Hold it up and toast it up and dance it off to the words I wrote

[Verse 6: Zumbi]
I shine like solo, but I'm cold like polo
With a chip up on on my shoulder
Then you charge, knock it over
You in triple stage darkness, so call me abyss
Thus, triple X-rating, murdering triple 6
I'm G.O.D. movement, the drum and the kick
And the call me MC, but I'm more like a myth
Like a coal train, breh, pulling deep up in this bitch
If you cut me, I'm-a bleed all the rhymes that I rip

[Verse 7: Chris Young]
Picture of the sun, see I'm black like a [?]
Caliente [?], Chris Young's the missile
I blast into the whole game
I'm better than these rookies
I'm a veteran, I'm ahead of them
Wake up on Excedrin
Your caffeine couldn't see the young teen
That used to be nineteen, now out of the year
See what I mean?
See, the peers inside my vision never listen when they lock down
Like water when it boils, you suckas are hot right now

Hot right now [x8]
Get it while it's hot [x8]
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