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Time has passed but I'll never lose track
It's been many years since you've left me
It's painful and then warm, like every memory

Once upon a time I remember
We lived in this city together
But now a pale sunlight has swallowed all our past promises

The hands of the clock have scratched away our time
But did you cherish yours like I did mine?

The days will wash away us entering the fray
And all the times my tears fell down like raindrops

I feel in my chest a strange pain I know is here to stay
Gave you my love and then in return you broke my heart
I cannot deny even though you're somewhere far away
I clearly hear your voice like you're still by my side

The thorns that appeared long ago will keep reminding me
They'll never leave because they're all I have left of you
I know that I'll never shake these feelings from my heart
They're now a new part of me I'll have to get used to

There's nothing I say I regret but if I went back in time
And changed how you and I first met
Would things be different now?

I moved on and made room in my heart
Trying hard to bring forth a new start
And now I'm doing well - he's special I can tell

Every storm will pass that you weather
'Cause the skies cannot cry forever
And so my heart's whole once again
Exactly like it was back then

But with every snow and every spring wind blow
I faintly hear your voice calling out my name
I know I can't replace the memories we share
They will always be with me forever

I can't say a lie though I'll try to put my mind to rest
Why can't I go a whole day without thinking of you?
Although you are gone, in my heart you are immortalized
I only wish I still was the one you smile to

We turned the last page of a story never meant to be
This is our fate and so no one is to blame

I promise I'll think of you Will you think of me too?
And now I guess all we gotta do is Just Be Friends

(All we gotta do is Just Be Friends
It's time to say goodbye)


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Dixie Flatline

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Luka Megurine

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