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Aitch - Straight Rhymez 1

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Ayo Sami, swing that camera my way 'ere brudda

[Verse 1]
If you don't see me in my sides with my guys
I be in the nice vibe, zoned, tryna write rhymes
Bitches in my eyesight, lyrics in the pipeline
I combine lines when the time's right, if I'm in the right mind
White guy's gonna fly high, I'm the right guy
Trust me I'm the coldest don in this, ain't nuttin' like ice
Told you she don't like rides, but said she wanna ride mine
You're taking her to Five Guys, I beat her in my guy's ride (Uh)
She call me sexy 'cause I rhyme tight
But she move sour 'cause I'm getting all the limelight
Leave her in the morning and won't see her till the night time
She only ever phones me for dick, I got a pipeline
Step up on the stage, fuck everyone it's my time
Dash a man's watch in the crowd, look how time flies
You're stepping on the fine line, the roof will get raised
Like the London city knife crime

[Verse 2]
She thinks it's funny how I stack up all this money
So I tell her "Suck my dick" and then I'm bussing, word to A1
Fuck it, I ain't fussy, run the beat, I'm getting mucky
Catch a vibe, I'm not a rookie, get a lyric and I spray one
Duppy yet I'm gully, take the piss, I'm wid your honey
Giz' a kiss, ya' looking lovely, better show me what you're made of
She been near a few guys, holla'd her a few times
You know she likes the blue eyes, watch how I take my shades off

[Verse 3]
G-grime, rap, trap, gets rapped
That's facts, man don't clap straps
But I, slap tracks fast, barriers get smashed
Dash straight to the cash, come back with a bad diss
Ain't a bus pass, man I don't pass back
In other words back track, skets swerved, that's that, uh
Fat back, slim body, no back fat
Said she's into black man, dash me a L, let me catch that
Please someone test me, I'm alright for a white
When I write, I'm a lefty
Fuck a knife but I'm nice for a fight, if you get me
Ay yo, check me

[Verse 4]
I swear to god, I'm underestimated
I never flop, I got it boxed, look how I demonstrate it
Listen up, I teach you suttin', now you're educated
I took ya L but kept smiling, come and celebrate it
Couple groupies, I'm lovin' the life
But maybe one day, I'll find the love of my life
Nah, lowe it I'm drunk, man's fuckin' tonight
Aitch, look at yourself, stop thinkin' you're fly
I'm not a fraud, don't flex for the cam
Summer time, watch a white boy flex wid a tan
I believe that I'm cold, you ask why, 'cause I am
Your beefin' is old, please go find a plan

[Verse 5]
Dad said there's not a lift up to success
You gotta take the stairs, you're gonna go through nuff stress
But in the long run, you're comin' out with nuff bread
Pops, don't worry fam, I got dis, nuff said
How can I feel down when I'm up next?
I hide things well, nobody see me when I'm upset
Do what I enjoy, man, I'll stick to what mum said
So I do shows, videos and I run sets
I just step in, give the mic a blessing, then I'm jetting
Donny says my name, but I swear I've never met him
Beggin' it to get in but they can't, so now they're stressin'
Tryna do my bit, I can't be arsed with all the messin'
Hatin' on the kid, it's kinda long, you're all depressin'
But since the day I started, it's been nothing but progression
You don't know nuttin' 'bout me, you're just guessing
Don't give a fuck about a weapon, you weapon

[Verse 6]
'Cause it's Aitch in the place, quick
Pass me the mic and watch suttin' get blazed
I ain't got a strap, but I aim when I spray 'em
And when the target gets locked, there's no escapin' it, mate
Really, who's testin'? Name a guy, I'm interested
Honestly my lyrics suttin' like a weapon, got 'em stressin'
So many haters, thank the Lord, that's a blessin'
It's sad, they just mad, they can't get in where I'm shellin'
I don't lurk and dip down opps
But I skirt and dick down thots, I'm a disgrace
I used to ride up to Failsworth on peddles
With the disc brakes, then ride home shit-faced
Half a bottle vodka in my pocket
Thinkin' "This is the shit, mate", absolute piss take
All these brother's hate me so much, but they know that I'm heavy
So they sick of seein' this face
Finally, Mr Aitch, professor of rhymary
'P', that's the only thing I've learnt since primary
Gotta hit the booth, this freestyle just reminded me
Bless up, safe, appreciate ya spendin' time with me, haha


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