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Aephanemer - Snowblind

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The tempest blows a dazzling white
The peak vanishes again
Whirling blasts of snow benight
The outcome of my ascent

Grit your teeth, do not flinch
At setbacks that slow you down
Going forth, inch by inch
To keep your feet on the ground

A sudden noise of flapping wings
First sign of the coming swarm
Somber curses were residing
In the eye of the storm

Manic claws tear the sky
Looming above my head
Chthonic calls, bloodshot eyes
Summoning me to them

Desperate crawl through blizzard squalls
Hounded by eerie shapes
A hail of stings ruthlessly falls
Onto my dire escape

The storm birds rush cannot be shunned
There is no way to cope
It's too much hardships to overcome
I fall and hurtle down the slope

Grim lull while being drowned
As I sink into the ground
Numb and coated by hoar-frost
I dread to think that all is lost

The harpy's laugh
Twisted inhuman face
Utters cries of disgrace

The fury's torch
Melts the surrounding snow
And clears the path to follow

Swift ravenous fiends
Foul everything that once mattered to me
Plunder the drifting wreck of my mind
I only want to forget and go blind

Sisters born from the Night
Jailers of the insane
Rage is our only light
Let’s put the rest to the flame
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2 183 102 tekstów, 20 387 poszukiwanych i 587 oczekujących

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