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Ace Hood - The Come Up (feat. Anthony Hamilton)

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[Hook: Anthony Hamilton & Ace Hood]
This is a come up
Grinding for the ones that I love

Fueled by the passion and pain
And all the bullshit I've been through
Still I hold my head up high
And all them roadblocks I walk right through
I do it for the ones like me
And all people who's just like you
No matter what they say about me
I'm a do whatever I gotta do

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
This is the come up
Where niggas hustle from night to sun up
The gutta, where niggas run up and they get done up
And mama tryna make a dollar for son and daughter
Where them times are even harder without a father
Want a job but never bother
All about them commas, bigger diamonds and high designer
With all the finest women, goddess
With perfect bodies that we admire
This is the come up where niggas do whatever for money
They'll murk a nigga now and got to church on a Sunday
Probably snitch on homeboys and take a flight out of country
It's fucked up, the motive is to get out the hood
Get your mama new crib, keep your family good
When that money is pouring and them jewels is shining
And them cars are foreigns, them haters praying it storm
It's no love, it ain't a place for the weak
Only strong survive, only hustlers ride
This is the come up


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Where niggas hustle from night to sun up and dreams are never seemed couldn't believe and it seems you can achieve by any means go and get it anything you vision and anything you wishing you can live it just bare the witness they said I wouldn't and I did it what God intended from being label as a menace to counting millions my daughter smiling every minute I'm an a attendance oh lord I got my deal in the field crying hundred of tears feeling like that doughboy hit a lick for a meal riding round with that work know them weapons concealed if them feds ever catch em leave them for 200 hundred years for that dope and I know money come money go in the fame in the game all the hate that it brings many lost some gave never changed not me gotta survive everyday know every morning I wake I'm tryna come up


[Bridge: Anthony Hamilton]
This is the come up
So, don't you dare give up?
Keep your head above the clouds
And your eyes on the price
Don't you dare give up?
This is for the grind


[Outro: Anthony Hamilton]
This is the come up
One day you gon make it out struggle
Don't you worried now?
My brothers and my sisters, mama too
This is the come up


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Trials & Tribulations (CD, 2013)


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1 946 783 tekstów, 17 896 poszukiwanych i 257 oczekujących

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