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ABBA - Tived's Hambo
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Tekst piosenki:

It's Saturday night
and the blissful girl from Tived
has walked out of the dark
And everywhere people say:
This Saturday there's a barndance
This charocoal-burner shuts the door
of his hut
with a grateful bang
since it's Saturday night
Becouse when there's dancing
somewhere in the Area
He wants to be there and have

Throughout the forest and
we rarey see female beauty
And inside the cool hut
hambo is like an illusion
Bud now have the
to create some memories to
brig back home
They're good to have when you
get old
as a comfort for this we then
have ti without
You hear shoe heels dance
And Verner chases the district
police superintendent
Yes,if there's a quarrel
it's settled with knife
because thi is like the Wild
The Rappe snuff is best
for everyday use as well as for
Come over here here and let's carry
away the orchestra

Women,wine and singing
We fight and the same time
and rip apart our clothes
And if you don't have any
clothes left,
you'll have to walk around with
bare buttocks
and hope continued good
We don't throw darts
We have a different style
Something that's more reckless
Isn't it still my right to fight
when they flirt with Hilda?

Then it may happen
that the Tived blood starts to
Then coat and hat will start
if it's a beating you need
We're used to hard work
life it huts and the woods of
We rely on our strength and
to give us courage and

You hear shoe heels dance
when the Tivedshambo plays
Has Frida's verner gone crazy?
People from Tived dance
it's settled with a knife
because this is like the Wild
The Rappe snuff is best
for everyday use as well as for
Come over here and let's carry
away they orchestra


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