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A-Trak - Step Off

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[Phonte - Intro]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, one time
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, two time
I'm runnin out of shit to say for these 8-bar intros!
"One time, two time, ay nigga, check it" all that shit, I'm sick of that shit
So I ain't gon' tell you that A-Trak did the beat
I ain't gon tell you it's Little Brother
I ain't gon tell you it's Phonte (yeah)
Big Pooh, show them what you ha-HAVVVE!!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Fresh off the road, right back to the beats
Back to the heat, homie that's back to the streets
I've been gone a few weeks, no visible rust
Nobody do it better than us
Livewire, Limewire, I acquire the next best fire
No surprise, a nigga downloadin himself
You can have the fame, Poobie got a taste for the wealth
Put fam first, nobody else

Build a bridge, get over yourself
Cause he's back in the Chopp Shopp
It's, Phonte nigga, knock knock
Peace to all area crews who's steady makin they moves
That's 21st, but a team at our block
I ain't get in the game for fifteen minutes of fame
My name cain't be contained in ya stopwatch
Nigga, me and Pooh is a two-piece
And this A-Trak is a, labor of love, no need to induce me
Let's GO!

[Hook: Phonte (girl)]
I know you want somethin to dance to
Dance to - Two step, little romance to
'Macne to - But if he ain't smooth on the floor like me
This is whatchu better tell 'em if he ask you
I say step off, step off, s-step off
Say step off, step off, s-step off
(Step off, step off, st-step off)
(Step off, step off, st-step off)

Uh, Tay is, so fluent when I do it, he the truest one
The deck is stack and the odds are two to one
And even though we didn't move any units, son
I rock shows and the crowd moves in unison
Like Tay's flow is Beyonders
The type most niggas get lost, and I swear
My rap sheet should come wit a Complice 2 and compass
My accomplishments, I think y'all really don't want this nigga

[Rapper Big Pooh]
One of the best, I don't care if you know
Four years, three albums and a hell of a show
Got a, hell of a flow, you ain't smellin me though
'Fore it's all said and done, I'mma settle the sco'
Settle the Mo', wit another bottle fo sho'
J. Wall settled down on the flo', it's been a great night
Honeys callin, Bull City grab a late bite
Pray to God we make it to the crib alright


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