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A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision

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[Intro:CyHi Da Prynce]
Whassup shorty? Who is you?
Oh nigga what's up, man
I couldn't even see you
I'm in this bitch chillin' like Stevie Wonder

I got Ray Ban vision, these ain't no prescriptions
I see you haters coming niggas don't think that I'm slippin'
I got Ray Ban vision, I wear 'em when I'm whippin'
I wear 'em when I'm fucking all my women think I'm trippin'
I got Ray Ban vision
I got Ray Ban vision
I got Ray Ban vision
I got Ray Ban vision
I got Ray Ban vision
This how I'm living, the only time I'm looking you in the eye
If we doin' business
I got Ray Ban vision

[Verse 1: CyHi Da Prynce]
I'm back up in this, feelin tremendous lenses darker than the tint on my benzes
I got ya bitch flippin like a gymnast
She told me take my glasses off but she looks horrendous
Caravans on my face lookin vintage, 3 pair of these bitch, cost what your rent is
Niggas wasn't wearin these, now it's a trend shit
I had my first pair of Ray Bans when I was ten tricks
Prynce is lookin like a pilot out the air force
Came to the club fresh up out the airport
I'm like Tom Cruise I'm from Top Gun (Why?)
Cause they know that's where I'm at, plus I got one
I keep my shades on in the hot sun
Old school Datsun, stunt so hard it's not fuuunny
I'm with the playboy bunny and she's still a dime
Even when her hair is not done


[Verse 2: CyHi Da Prynce]
I seen it all through the mirror tints
I knew a girl who is innocent with just a few friends
I got my hand in between her legs
She says boy go ahead, gonna make me have a incident
Now we intimate, this is how we ended it
Left the restaurant now I'm in her mouth like a dinner mint
We started in a parking lot and finish at my teniment
Shorty had a reason, my pimpin' was legitimate
I tore that pussy up like a ligament
She don't like her man so she asked me for deliverance
I sit back with my Ray Bans on
I say it ain't my fault that you in that predicament
Cause I treat hoes like Ray Charles
Looks ain't shit, that's how I play ball
As long as they take off they draws
And the whole time we did it I didn't take my shades off



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Alain Macklovitch

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Alain Macklovitch

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CyHi The Prynce


Ray Ban Vision feat. CyHi The Prynce (CD, 2012)

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