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A-Trak - Mastered

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[Hook x 2]
My sneakers more cleaner than yours, more meaner, more cleaner than yours
I got it mastered (mastered)
And my car go faster
85 an hour I'm about to take them backwards

[Verse 1]
Yea, now that's back to the essence
The freshest, prince is in your presence
The uniform on backwards
The FnF will F 'em
It's a laster, went to a thrower from a crasher
(Ooh), Now while that's flowing right passed ya
Let me take a second to add up all the factors
A-trak on the track, and Lupe is the rapper
Man about town, proud member of Swagger
Supreme world attention getting, glisten
Ever resistant to anything non-pimping or wacker
I'm much flyer, United, I'm NASA
I'm much higher, not a puffer I'm a passer
Not a rusher or a tackler
I ain't gotta cuffer or a tagger
Like I'm a graffer, or rhasta
I grinds, I should make the cover of Thrasher
Chilling with the cover of King (ya I-I-I'm mean)

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]
Take a second, you need to breathe
Give me a minute, I need to breathe
Excuse me man, I can't see
Cause you in my way

[Verse 2]
So I'm on it like I own it
It sounds like it don't it, I do
And do to the fact that I'm up on it, they opponent
But they don't want to turn the flyness, into bird flu
And serve you a nice pot of bird stew
I'm breaking down my bread like I'm making bird food
And I'll be in the stu', like I'm a bird too
But I just fly, like a bird do
I doodoo on the birds, man, I'm high enough to dew
Though, I'm sitting on the wires and admiring the view
I can still relate to the tires and the shoes
Dropping shows for their soles/souls
Patches for their innertubes
And I run flat while you're running your trap
I come through, take your cheddar, take your feather, take your blue
Then leave behind a letter, I'm addressing it to you
You need to build it better for the veterans, salute cause

[Hook x 2]

[Bridge x 2]


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1 912 178 tekstów, 17 687 poszukiwanych i 772 oczekujących

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