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A Sense of Gravity - Guise of Complacency
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Tekst piosenki:

Guise of Complacency

Welcome to a brand new world, opportunity
Have a seat and look around, perpetuity

Chronically, you’ve been blind mediocrity
But I’m wise to the guise of complacency

Your ambitions bred this plight
Your ambitions ran in fright

Rationalize and give thanks to the stars
You’ve accomplished nothing
Cause you’re human waste
Who gives thanks
To the fucks in the suits who get off fucking you

Sick is the mindset of being blessed in contentment
Leads to ignorant contempt
To further the argument that you can’t
Be, do or have what it is you deserve.


Six feet deep and undiscovered

Dead dreams

Plagued by racing rats unpoisoned

Dull repetition
Needs revolution
No apprehension

Everyone’s insane
Everyday’s the same
Synchronized yet ill-defined
Jeopardized life

Shot down in your prime
Will you choose to die
I have taken my
First step to goodbye

There’s a way out of here
Sound of mind, see it clear
Liquified, lost and found
Time to bow out

[Morgan Guitar Solo]
[Morgan and Brandon Guitar/Keyboard Unison]
[Brandon Keyboard Solo]
[Morgan and Brandon Guitar/Keyboard Unison]

Everyone’s insane
Everyday’s the same
Synchronized yet ill-advised
Jeopardized life

So, you ignorant rats
You’ll stay scratching the floors of prison
So severe is the penalty for not embracing
The anarchy’s beautiful and devastating potential to grant
Liberation from the dead end you created and perpetuate

Life led
Without risk
Time not savored
Just finished

All the years
All the warning signs
All ignored
Final resting place


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