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A Losing Season - Delirium Provides the Safest Shelter
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Tekst piosenki:

Delirium Provides the Safest Shelter

I was born walking on four legs
Now i barely stand on two
'cause i'm locked inside a hellish cell
With my tongue stuck out at you

I don't care
Any more
I've totally lost my head
Just swallow more of this bitter liquid
Till the screen fades to black

I don't care
If the liver's growing large
Memories erased as the lights go out

With the lack of sobriety, maybe these oppressive cares calm down

I am the fire you raise high
Make me bad, and the world burns down
I am the bullet in your gun
Make me mad and they are gone

I foam with rage
These hundred spirits only feed my anger
I've forgot the questions, but keep a careful
Watch on what they whisper
The guiding lights
Are out
Now dark chaos surrounds
I'll die with lightning speed
'cause the exit door's forever shut

I don't give a fuck
If the kidney's working hard
If my stomach aches i just throw it up
I throw it all up in the face of this city
You can't wash it off

I am the fire you raise high
Make me bad, and the world burns down
I am the bullet in your gun
Make me mad, and they are gone

Maybe i am the odd man out, i don't
Care what you say, i just back out! no more
Fear and uncertainty left, it's over!


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